We Are Alabama

This past week the men of the Delta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. concluded our “Q-Haul” program. We asked for items to be donated to tornado victims in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and we transported them on Saturday. Personally I was moved by the amount of support we received. We couldn’t even take all the items down on this trip but we will be making multiple trips throughout the summer.

On the drive down I really didn’t know what to expect but words can’t describe what we witnessed. We tried to best to capture the devastation via video footage but I don’t even think that did it justice. I was very humbled by what everything that I encountered. As many tornado warnings and touchdowns that occur in Tennessee, this could have easily have happened in Nashville.

If you want to give in anyway the contact information is at the end of the video.


2 thoughts on “We Are Alabama

  1. Divine

    Wow….I shed a tear. I hear through the Zeta grapevine that a Soror lost her life during this devastation trying to protect her children. Another Soror who happened to be a CSI was the one who identified her body. The children survived but can you imagine the guilt that may be experiencing. It is amazing how resilient some folks can be. A week later and they are saying they don’t need you. Man from the looks of it they have a long way to go. Thanks for sharing this.

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