Pretty Girls

When it comes to popular opinion, especially when compared to other men, I usually go against the grain. For instance, I wrote a post called Big Booty Judy and received a lot of flack for it. I really can’t help how I feel. If I have a certain opinion, I’m not going to suppress it just because it’s not the most popular. With that said I have another opinion I want to share.

I’ve been living in Nashville for approximately seven years. My second year here I had a roommate (who is from Miami).  One random Wednesday my roommate and I were watching some random Real World/Road Rules challenge on MTV. They zoomed in on Coral. If you don’t remember her, this is what she looks like:

This is the best pic I could find. She’s really not this pretty.

When they zoomed in my roommate said: “Damn she’s fine.” My response was: “Excuse me?’ After a long debate I realized that when dudes from the South refer to a woman as “fine” they are complimenting her body and her body only. Being from DC, I’m used to a “fine” woman as one who has the physical total package.  I wouldn’t exactly call Coral’s face pretty.  She has a nice body but she’s far from fine. I guess that’s where the disconnect is when I look at my viewpoint versus other guys.

As a man when I first see a woman and size her up I start with her face. Not her ass. Not her breasts. Her face. This includes her lips, teeth, bone structure and eyebrows (yes her eyebrows). I do this because I believe no matter how bad a woman’s body may be if she is unfortunate looking then I can only be so attracted to her. Sure her “assets” enhance her might her beauty but without her face as a foundation then overall she’s not that attractive.

Let me tell you what goes on in the average man’s mind when he sees a woman with a ridiculous body but a sub-par face. He’s thinking: “She’s not that cute but with a body like that I have to see what’s she’s fucking like.” I can say this because I’ve been there. Let me tell you a quick story. There was this one woman who went to school with me. She was cute but she what really attracted to me her was her body. Every time I saw her I imagine what it would be like to give her ultimate backshots. Eventually I got her in bed. Bump.On.A.Log. What’s the use of having a fantastic body if you don’t know how to use it?

One thing that will hold value is a pretty face. While those plush titties might feel good during those moments of lust, if you don’t find her attractive from the neck up then once you get that nut up out you the feelings you had before soon start to fade. Now if you find that woman more tantalizing then I’d be willing to wager that you feel better about yourself afterward.

I know that once again this opinion might not be too popular but a pretty face >>>> a great body. Nice bodies come a dime a dozen. There’s mad busted girls walking around with big ass titties and phat asses but how many truly pretty girls do you encounter on a day to day basis? Now if you can find a pretty girl with a banging body….


23 thoughts on “Pretty Girls

  1. *OnlyYolie*

    there are numerous studies that agree with you Dr. Tunde… in which they state men are more attracted to facial beauty for long term relationships and below the neck beauty for short term relationships.

  2. Wu Young

    I love the form of the fairer sex but there’s nothing like waking up to a beautiful face. A beautiful face + a great smile has hypnotic tendencies.

    1. madscientist7 Post author


      now that is a sense of accomplishment. i didn’t even delve into the intricacies of taking a pretty girl out in public vs. one who has a bad body. who would you rather have on your arm? lol

  3. Keona

    I didn’t retweet the link to this blog just because I think I’m pretty. It was well-written, and it was refreshing to read. I hope many more men share your opinion.

  4. Kema

    So wait a minute… Cora is not pretty? I understand she may not be considered fine. But not pretty?

    I will never understand what’s pretty… 😦

    1. *Yolie*

      Kema i take pretty as a face only designation.. if a woman is pretty her face alone causes people to smile when they see it…

    2. Dani

      I’m with you on that one. I thought Coral was pretty. Terrible attitude, but an undeniably pretty face and great body.

  5. JSin

    This is a great post!

    I’m with you, I don’t think a woman’s body can earn her the label/title “fine”. Since when does that fly?!

    For me, everything starts with the face. And I mean the entire face! I’m looking at the eyes, the smile, the teeth, the hair, etc. Once I’m diggin that…then my eyes begin to descend towards her body.

    The beauty of a woman is that they all are so unique. Every woman has something about her that is hers and hers alone. I try to discover what that is whenever I look at or get to know a woman.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shallow. I know that personality plays a much more vital role than looks when it comes to a woman, but for the sake of this discussion a woman’s ‘looks’ are a combination of a number of things…not just her body.

    Once again, great post. I really like your blog. Feel free to swing by and check out my blog…or not. The choice is yours.

    JSin (

  6. Silentscorpion

    This is a funny ass post. You know what I realize, attractive people migrate to big cities like LA and NY…I’ve been other places and oh boy, unattractive people with nice bodies run a muck!

      1. Silentscorpion

        I am undoubtedly influenced by location and circumstance BUT I have seen some thangs around the US. Chicago, ATL, Talahassee do not compare to my town nor future residence. As a straight woman I have no problem calling another woman pretty or cute and let me tell you there are NONE in any of those aforementioned cities. And finding a man over 6 foot in ATL is feet in itself. So yes, I conducted a biased study over the but that doesn’t diminish the findings. LA and NY is where its at!

  7. ncvirgogal

    I love this post! I have an odd body shape that can look disproportionate according to whatever angle you’re viewing me from (I know that sentence sounds strange but I hope I made sense lol) however, I’m often told that I have a very pretty face and a nice smile though and a great personality lol.It’s very discouraging as someone from the “south” to hear 98% of black men rave over the big booty judy’s…while I get pushed to the side.


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