Sundress Season

Today’s high was 96 degrees. I had two cookouts on deck but I only made it to one. Why? Because it was a cookout combined with a pool party. Bikini eye candy is a wonderful thing. Food. Bikinis. Pool. What more could a man ask for? That’s the great thing about summer time. I mean besides this cicada infestation Nashville is experiencing and all the humidity, the summer brings out skin. And skin brings me to the subject of this post.

Summer is the season of sundresses. I love sundresses for a multitude of reasons. This post is an ode to my single favorite piece of women’s clothing (undergarments excluded). Here are the reasons why I love sundresses:

 1. Sundresses seem to fit to a woman’s body effortlessly (assuming she has a body). Sundresses leave something to the imagination without leaving something to imagination. They are actually made for women who have more ass than titties. There’s nothing like seeing a beautiful woman who captures your attention and you’re stuck there wondering what she’s wearing underneath that sundress. Which bring me to my second point.

2. Women are likely to not wear any undergarments when wearing sundresses. This is especially true for bras.Women who have B cups and less are definitely more likely to go braless. Let’s not even get into commando. When the temperature reaches 90 degrees I imagine that women don’t even bother with panties. This is definitely a win.

3. No undergarments + dress =  easy access. There is nothing quite like spontaneous sex. I mean sex is cool but going through the whole process of taking off jeans/pants, then underwear just gets in the way. You haven’t had sex till you’ve bent a woman over the side of a sofa, lifted up her sundress, seen she didn’t have panties on and then you got instantly excited. Or so I’ve heard.

4. I love femininity. Nothing says “woman” like a sundress. Well maybe a pencil skirt. During the winter months women bundle up and I don’t get to see their womanly forms. When the weather breaks I get to eyefuck observe women in all their glory. A woman’s body is truly beautiful and the less amount of clothes covering it the better.

So women I implore you to break out those summer dresses. Lift that little dress like light wind, then I slide right in. Make sure you put lotion on your back though. No one likes ashy backs. Women, how do you feel about summer dresses? Men, do you love sundresses like I love sundresses?


My mother bought me a Macbook Pro for graduation because she loves me. There is a cool program on it called iMovie which allows me to edit and produce video files. Last night I played around with it a little and came  up with the video below. Expect more videos from me.


31 thoughts on “Sundress Season

  1. Veronica

    Did u really just type “lotion your back.. Nobody likes ashy backs!”.. Lol!

    Sundresses= summertime staple! If u know me you know I don’t really like wearing clothes period… Sundresses is thr closest to naked I can get without having a public indecency charge! Lol

  2. AngelaThaGreat

    I love sundresses that can contain my great New York boobs, which can be rather difficult to find. lol

  3. Starita34

    Sundresses are God’s way of saying “my bad” for Winter. Sundresses make the 100 degree days bearable. Sundresses are the anti ugg. The right sundress can flatter ANY body type.

    Thanks for sharing the video and congrats again!

  4. Jubilance

    I’ve been so ready for sundress season, and I broke out my dresses a few weeks ago. I discovered I need new dresses tho – over the past year I’ve lost a lot of weight so I can wear things I couldnt wear before #yay

    Being able to wear dresses year-round is one thing I miss about Florida – when I lived in Orlando dresses were a staple.

  5. Elle

    I love sundresses and everything about them..they amp up the sexy 150% and the fact that I can often go braless with one on is a win-win!

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i don’t understand people’s aversion to ironing. its really not that bad. i iron everything. including undershirts. i used to iron my boxers. *shrug*

      1. Euphoric Ears

        I think part of my aversion was the strict ironing policies in my household growing up,lol. I remembermy freshman year of college, I bought a new iron and I swear I didn’t use it well into 2nd semester. I don’t go around wrinkled or anything though.

        Same thing w/ dresses/skirts…mom’s dressed me in them so often, as soon as I was picking out my own clothes, that sh*t stopped.

  6. MelaninEnriched

    Sundresses are a must in the summertime! I’m moving to the L.A. area next week, so I hope to see what West Coast additions I can add to my collection. I’m a sucker for dresses, period, but sundresses are one of the items of clothing that make me look/feel the sexiest.

    BTW, I don’t think I’ve seen an ashy back and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see that either. Ew!

  7. Ciara

    Congrats Tunde! Grad school is definitely not easy and requires a lot of disciple and perseverance as I have come to find out. I hope you have big things planned in the future…

  8. N.I.A. naturally

    Nice post, Tunde, and nice video. Sundresses FTW!!

    Sundresses are the best part of the summer. I never iron, so they are a staple to my summer wardrobe. I wore a strapless sundress to my little cousin’s high school graduation (and received a nice little tan), and I’ve worn them every weekend since my birthday, except when its raining. Love, love, LOVE sundresses.

    And yes, sundresses really accentuate my lower half, creating perfect balance between my a$$ and boobs.

    As for the boobs, I am larger than a B, and I too go braless in the sundress. I didn’t at the graduation, being a family event, and all. lol. Hell, I generally go braless whenever I get the chance.

  9. Silentscorpion

    I love me a summer dress. While I was packing for my move I realized just how many dresses I have. I own over 40 dresses and half of them are for the summer. I can’t wait to rock em. Now if only the sun in LA felt the same.

  10. JSin

    Great post. I definitely have a new appreciation for sundresses. Thanks for that. Gotta luv the summertime and I’m not mad at you for sticking with the one cookout. Sounded like a winner.

  11. divinepearlz

    I just love the post and I love wearing sundresses. I wish I could go braless but the girls have spoen and mandated that they would be most uncomftable. As for any other undergarments well ummmmm yeah. I love them long or short. I can wear them to work with a little shrug and pop it off and leave the building at the same time. It is definitely a comfort clothes item


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