First Kiss

I’ve already touched on this subject but I realize not everyone may have read that post so click here to go back and see what I had to say.

Have you ever wanted to kiss someone really bad? I mean to the point while you were talking to then all you can think about is how their lips would feel against yours? There’s nothing like a great first kiss.

(Yes. I’m a man. And yes I think about things like this.)

A great first kiss will have you thinking about it the whole next day. I fear it’s something that has been lost. In a time where having sex on the first date is not that totally uncommon, a kiss seems pretty elementary. In fact there are people who even engage in coitus without ever kissing. I don’t understand how that works.

I want to paint a picture for you. Imagine a man and woman who are interested in each other decide to go out on a date. They are having a good time. Dinner, drinks and good times are had. Yet they are still kind of nervous around each other. As he walks her to her train station he knows he’s going to try to kiss her but he’s not sure when he should go in for the kiss. She’s probably wondering if he’s going to try to kiss her. As they walk through the train station they hold hands and before they part they embrace and he goes in for this kiss. Not really a peck and not over the top but a really nice kiss before they part ways.

You want that. Don't lie.

Kisses like this don’t happen anymore because people really don’t go on dates anymore. At least not the type of dates you see in movies. It’s really just not realistic anymore. Or perhaps it is. I’m bout to bring dating back. Lol I’m glad I’ve had a moment like this wish moments like this happen to me.

Have you had a kiss that you thought about hours or even days later? What made it memorable? Let’s see what you got.


39 thoughts on “First Kiss

  1. Veronica

    Ahhh… Kissing… such a lost art!!! Personally I enjoy it!!! I admit it- imma kissy face! After reading this post, I’m considering gettin some kissing in ummmm next month maybe! Yyiippee!

    The feeling you described at the beginning… talking to that person and trying to hear what they’re saying but can’t make sense of it because of the desire of wanting to lip smash!!! Whew! I can’t count how many time I greeted him with a “hhheeyyyy” when I really wanted to lip smash him instead!! (sigh). Lol if I had do overs, I’d definitely collect.. But since I don’t… Imma see if I can make it up next time I see him!!! . Bye y’all! I got dreaming to get done!! **kisses**

  2. Jubilance

    Dates & kisses like that still happen, but you’re right, not as often as in the past…at least it seems like that.

    I’ve always loved that buildup to the first kiss…you’re both feeling the chemistry, wondering who’s gonna make the first move, hoping it will be great, feeling a little nervous. And then there’s that “moment” where you know its right & it happens *sigh*

    Definitely one of the great parts about dating…I miss that.

  3. Faye

    I still consider every kiss between my significant other and myself a first kiss, not sure how to explain it but each time is always so brand new, and goosebumps are just as surprising as ever, plus I never get tired of thinking “shut up and kiss me already now”

  4. Euphoric Ears

    Definitely had a memorable first kiss. The kisses that at the thought of them you feel chills…yeah, that’s the bomb. First kisses are the bomb b/c of the excitement and unknown behind it. You’re hoping it goes well (which it almost always does when you like the person and they like you)…hoping the rhythms compliment one another.

    Kissing is a beautiful thing mayne

  5. Karla

    I love love love kissing! I literally was just talking about this with my friend two days ago. I think kissing is a lost art form. People who would rather exchange bodily fluids than saliva, like you said, confuse me heavily! I’d rather do the tango with a man’s lips, than jump in bed, we do the real tango, and I have no idea where he’s been.

    But that first kiss…whew *wipes brow*. There’s nothing like it. When it’s good, it’s GOOD. When it’s bad, I lose full attraction–sad but true. There’s nothing like finding someone you love to kiss. Every kiss feels amazing. *Now how am I going to concentrate at work! LOL*

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i just don’t get how you can have sex and not kiss a person. like what do you do with your mouth while you are engaging in coitus? a bad kisser makes me think you do other things bad. conversely, a great kisser really piques my interest.

  6. Miss Patterson

    Please bring kissing and dating back to life! I don’t know what’s up with folks these days. Like you, I’m dumbfounded how folks can serve each other orally, f*ck each other all night like dirty bunnies, and yet completely skip over kissing. Kissing is far too underrated. In fact, it’s not even possible for me to c*m if I haven’t kissed the person. I’m oversharing. Goodbye.

  7. Crystal Marie

    Ah, this post created great imagery for me!

    I have an interesting story but before I proceed, I’d like to say I think people still go on dates! I live in a cutesy yuppy neighborhood with a bevy of restaurants, coffee shops and three theaters and every time I go out for a quick jog in a messy ponytail and scratched up sneaks, I run into dozens of couples on dates. And I go on dates myself. 🙂

    But anyway, a few years back, I was scheduled to go to New Orleans with a friend just to sight see and last minute, my girl backed out! She was also the one who had the hook up on our free hotel, so I was stuck! I reached out to a friend who’s in law school in NO and asked him if I could crash while I toured NO solo. I’d known him for years and looked at him like a younger brother because I gave him a tour of Howard when I was a sophomore and he a high school senior. (I like to think it was my tour that convinced him to attend). Anyway, we both saw each other as brother and sister… until my plane landed. And all of a sudden he was a grown up law student and I was a peer. We goofed off like old times for the first few hours, but the sexual tension was in the air. That first night, we met up with some of his friends at a bar, he had some drinks and he got real honest… and we kissed. It was a polite, cautious kiss at first. Then became more hungry, deep, intimate.. I can’t talk about this anymore! lol

    So… I love New Orleans. and kisses. 🙂

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      that’s a really nice story. way to leave us with a cliffhanger. lol

      speaking of new orleans, i really can’t wait to hit up essence in a couple weeks.

  8. NicknotNikki

    I miss first kisses…
    I once had a first kiss that literally made my knees weak.. I didn’t think those existed.. And I’m annoyed that it doesn’t happen that often anymore.. But on the bright side, that just means that I’ll appreciate it more when it happens again…

  9. Muze

    love this!!!! awwwww.

    i haven’t had a first kiss in forever. i’m pretty sure i’ve forgotten how. lol.

    kissing is a lost art though, it seems. people place so much focus on sex and skip over the real intimacy most of the time. nothing more intimate than a kiss. …except a naked kiss of course. lol

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i’m pretty positive that you didn’t forget how. all it takes is the right guy and you’ll replay the image a thousand times in your head before it actually happens.

  10. Flyy

    *claps* way to make me feel like my social life ain’t shat, sir. Lol.
    Dates? What dates? I can’t remember the last time I went on a date.
    *tries to think back really hard* Yea the last dinner/movie/museum/painting/walk in the pack/dancing/ANYTHING date-y I remember, definitely happened w/ my girls.

    Anywhozers… aside from my sad sad social calendar, this is a very cutesy post. I love it and I agree that kissing is a lost art. I’ve met people who will engage in coitus and not kiss, the first time that happened I was in college and when they told me about it I was utterly and totally confused.

    Finding a person to leave you breathless after a kiss… *whew lawd*… just yes…

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i think i would attribute that to the fact you live in the boonies. j/k but i think dating for most people goes in cycles. you have your good times and you have your dry spells. some dry spells are longer than others.

      1. Flyy

        LOL. Yea… that and I that I just finished school. I have to admit that I wasn’t as social in the past year as my peers.

  11. BP

    I loved this post Tu and that pic of the train station? 😀

    A first kiss that is memorable has been known to get me through a bad day. Seriously. I would think of the electricity moving through my body and all of a sudden things don’t seem so bad.

  12. divinepearlz

    Kissing is a lost art and I love to kiss and be kissed. What irks me is all of that being done out in the street. I am so not a fan of PDA. I do not want to see all of that passion on the street corner.

  13. Catherine

    I know I’m late but my most memorable kiss happened about 2.5 years ago when I was 26.

    I was on Christmas break back home; and he was my cousin’s roommate. We hit it off the first day we met and hung out a few days later. On our third meet up, he picked me up and brought me over to their apartment. He was a first year resident at the time so he was telling me stories about his hellish days at work and he told me this story about a horror case that had come to the ER on his shift. The story blew my mind, I just couldn’t fully grasp what he had told me,so as I turned to him to tell him how flabbergasted I was, he kissed me. I was shocked at first because it was so unexpected, but after I got over my initial shock, I was completely into it later. After we were done, he told me that all he had been thinking about since he picked me up was kissing me. I felt like I was in heaven!

    I dreamt of that kiss for months and months later, it was just so amazing how it happened.

  14. Susan Basile

    Came on your blog (and this post) from SBM, and from what I read, you’re making me wish there were more dudes like you in NYC. A good/sweet kiss is going to get you a lot further in the long run than trying to get me to go home with you. Don’t know if guys don’t realize this, or are just looking to get it in.

  15. Bola Ar

    I just stumbled across ur blog…good read. Didn’t know dudes still embrace the importance of a first kiss or kissing in general. Crazy I know some dudes that will have a sex with female before kissing her, saying that kissing is more intimate
    Memorable kisses are the ones that are filled with passion

    Anyways cool blog , look forward to more 🙂
    Always love the man’s insight into things

  16. dc

    My most memorable first kiss was unexpected, in terms of timing. All of the anticipation and inability to focus had been there for weeks. I was leaving a party at his family’s house and after the hug goodbye, he laid one on me. **sigh** I thought about it all the way home. I actually called my homegirl when I got home (like 3am) just to tell her about it. Haven’t been kissed that well since…smh

    Don’t get the sexin without kissing phenomena…

  17. Kali

    I LOVE this photo!! It reminds me of one of the most intimate and passionate kisses I have ever had with a man after reconnecting for dinner one night after 8 years of not seeing each other. It was November and i was late and in a hurry to catch the train home. Not wanting to create an awkward goodbye, I pulled my usual….”see you later”… giving him the easy out as I fled down the stairs to the boarding train. Without pause, I was drawn back by his, “Hey…can you just come back for a moment?”…Next thing I knew, under the sparkle and glow of a street light snowfall, amongst dozens of city folk and commuters, the world stopped as I became entwined in a moment I will never forget. That kiss hit every single cell of my body…I swear. A million words could not have spoken what one second of that kiss did.


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