Brands, Maryland and Hookups

Since this past weekend was my last in Nashville (next weekend is Centennial and I leave the weekend after) I decided that I was going to go out both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night I had fun. Pre-gamed at my house, went to a house party, went to the club, went back to the house party. A lot of debauchery occurred and overall I had a good time. I kind of vaguely remember sitting in a kitchen with a hot dog and not being able to find any buns. What I did find was a sleeve of Ritz crackers. They made a tasty substitute.

Being that I got minimal sleep on Friday night I was on chill mode for most of Saturday. Around 8:30 I finally took a shower. Shortly after one of the bruhs here hit me up and said he needed a jump. So I left out to lend a helping hand. Walking out the house I had on a pair of jeans, a wife-beater and some flip flops.

*A little background information. I have 4 brands and 4 tattoos. If I’m wearing a wife-beater all my tattoos and 3 of my brands are visible.*

After I give my frat brother a jump I look at my watch and realize its almost 9pm and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. That’s not a good thing considering I was going to be drinking soon. I decided to stop by the gas station to grab a six-pack to go with whatever food I was going to buy. As I make my way to the counter to pay for the beer I hand the cashier (Persian dude) my driver’s licence. He looks at me and says, “Are you from Maryland?” 

How I wanted to reply: “Naw dipshit. I have a Maryland ID to throw people off.”

How I really replied: “Umm yeah. -_-“

After I was asked that asinine question I decided to hit up the Wendys next to the gas station. I went through the drive thru. Upon ordering my meal I pull up the window to be greeted by an overweight 40 year old man. As he took my money he asked me, “Is that a Delta on your arm?” In case you’re wondering this is what I have on my left shoulder with a 7 inside of it:

Just like this but higher

After I side-eyed him I said “Naw man, its an Omega.” He responded, “Like the Que-Dawgs?”“Yea man, like the Que Dawgs.” Mind you this man is supposed to be getting my food and I’m in a rush because I have people that are supposed to be meet me at my house and my beer is getting warmer by the second. Instead of getting my food he says, “Man I bet you know how to party. Where you partying tonight.” [in my mind] “Nowhere near where you are.” [what i really said] “Man I don’t even know.”

At this point I paid for my food and I received my change. I’m just waiting for my food. During this juncture the cashier calls one of the girls who is making my food. Which adds time to my transaction. He points at me and says, “This is the type of man you need. A que dawg.” All I could do was shake my head. As the destitute looking employee lady walks up all I could do was shake my head. After about 2 or 3 more minutes the car behind me starting honking. I couldn’t have been more glad to get my food and get the hell out of that drive thru line.

By the time we got to the club I witnessed so many things I deserve its own post and would make this one entirely too long. I’ll list a few highlights here:

– The white boy with blue skinny pants who spent the entire time breakdancing and battle dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

– The man with the cane who would not have a seat. I promise he spent the entire night circling the club.

-The douchebag with the wallet chain equipped with no wallet, scuffed up white shoes and glasses in the club who had a staring problem. Him and his whole douchebag crew were actually pretty funny to me.

This weekend was a win (Friday) coupled with a loss (Saturday) but I’m really excited bout this short work week. Onward to Centennial this week. Shit is going to be epic beyond proportion. If you’re in DC check me out. I’m going to be in rare form. My chapter will be hosting a day party on 7/30 at Layla Lounge 3-8 pm. Check here for details. Click here to purchase tickets.

Also, I decided to join formspring. If you have questions, then I have answers. I’ve gotten some pretty interesting questions so far:


4 thoughts on “Brands, Maryland and Hookups

  1. divinepearlz

    Not that I disagree but I am mad dude is recommending Omega men like that. He didnt even recognize the letter Omega.

  2. Simply B

    I just don’t even know what to say! Is that a Delta??? Really dude? He’s about as bad as the lady who saw my cousin’s brand(also an Omega) and asked why did he have those snakes on his arm.

  3. LoveInAGlass

    LOL You had to be on Jefferson Street with this type of debauchery going on. Is it just me or do “locals” in Nashville seem to be extremely comfortable (read: inappropriate) concerning most things with BGLO?


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