City So Nice, They Had To Name It Twice

Today marks day number 11 since I’ve moved to Harlem. I’ll be going home this weekend because I’m in a wedding of a friend I’ve known since high school. I thought I’d give a recap of my move and highlights of what I’ve experienced since I’ve been here.

  • The next time I’m moving if I have a spare thousand dollars laying around I’m hiring a moving company. Packing up a Penske truck and driving it across the country isn’t cool. Speaking of moving trucks, U-Haul is the biggest ripoff of all time. They quoted me about $850 for a 16′ truck and a hitch for my car. Penske charged me $506.
  • When Google maps or Mapquest quotes a time for a drive they should factor in different types of vehicles. When I checked it said about 15 hours. That was clearly by car. Driving that moving truck probably took about 19 hours total.
  • Since I gave up my car when I moved here I quickly learned that buying a monthly unlimited pass for the subway and bus is the way to go. Also, aside from the 2, 3, 6 and F trains I still need to learn the trains a little bit more. But so far those trains take me everywhere I need to go.
  • Gentrification in Harlem is real. I don’t even have to leave my street to see that.
  • If you really want to party in this city going to hotel parties are not the place to go. If you want to look dapper or cute and have people look at you then that’s your best bet. Not that that’s not fun and all but I was really trying to party.
  • My wallet was stolen when I went to the beach. I should have known better but the fact that people were all around I didn’t think someone would go through my pants without fear of something being said. Clearly I don’t know people up here.
  • I met @SilentScorpion who writes for her personal blog and IHateTheWayYouEatCereal. She’s a really cool chick. I also met @Redlady821. Hilarious doesn’t begin to describe this woman. She also writes for her personal blog. I really think she’s a lot more outspoken in person than online.
  • There are so many food places that you really could go broke trying to eat everything. So far I think the best thing I’ve had is Sylvia’s. Although a couple of friends said that there are better soul food places in the city. I find that hard to believe though.
  • Since being here I’ve started to notice attractive white women all around me. Still wouldn’t ever date one but I don’t think I’ve ever really paid attention like that to them before. While we’re talking about attractive women.
  • Black women. Black women. Black women. They’re a bunch of bad ones here from what I can tell and I really haven’t been out yet. From my next door neighbor to my train ride to work to McDonalds. Yeah they outchea.

All in all I really like this city. I’m enjoying myself so far but I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune once it starts to get cold. Perhaps I won’t but I’m glad I moved here instead of moving back home. Home will always be there. Now I need to seriously start planning this birthday party. Its going to have to wait till next week though.


14 thoughts on “City So Nice, They Had To Name It Twice

  1. SeeOmara

    I’m on a role with commenting!! *pats self on back* Glad you are enjoying Harlem! I say when moving to ny its either BK or Harlem! It sucks monkey balls that your wallet was stolen! Oh regarding a monthly pass ALWAYS ALWAYS pay with a debit or credit card bc if you lose it they will give you your money back at a prorated price.Oh and in terms of women in this city it is 5 women to every one man lol so you are in a great place!

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      lol i see ya. good ish.

      yep. i paid with my debit card. i keep it in my wallet just so i won’t lose it. i’ll be damned. lol

      5 to 1 eh? i like those odds.

  2. Lioness Rising

    Glad your enjoying the city. Don’t know Harlem at all (new BK gyal here) but hear its nice.

    Please reach out to the other Boroughs! Great food from every country in the world to be tried. I love getting on the 7 (the “International Express”) and getting off in Jackson Heights for good Indian food/clothes/Jewelry or getting off in Sunnyside/woodside for Ecuadorian and Brazilian food. And of course BK for the best West Indian food :waves flag:.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      oh i plan on exploring a lot more. i’m really still getting adjusted. i love brazilian food. indian food not so much. sorry.

      how long have you been in the city?

      1. Lioness Rising

        mom lives in Jersey
        Dad lives in Brooklyn.
        So in June moved to Dad’s house to fake a fabulous city life. But I’ve been coming to the city forever.

  3. Muah!

    So random, but so glad I clicked on your little avie thing today.

    I was totally going to go with U-Haul for my cross country move, but now I’m going to look into Penske. I got the same $900 quote from U-Haul, but you might be saving me a few hundred dollars!!! I don’t know you but I love you!

  4. I Am Your People

    *wistful sigh* I’m so jealous of you living in NYC. I want to move to my dad’s hometown of BK (or maybe to Washington, DC – random, I know) I have lots of artsy friends who have been in and out of NYC depending on the money flow, but it’s such a fun city.

    Wishing you much success in the big, bad city

  5. nianaturally

    Last time my mom was in NY, she visited Sylvia’s and she hated it. Talked trash about it for almost 2 weeks. lol.

    Happy to see things are going well. Except for that wallet stealing business, sounds like you’re having an awesome time.


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