Tall People Problems

So last week I was perusing Very Smart Brothas and Champ had a post detailing why it’s difficult for men to approach women sometimes. I left a comment stating my stance:

i’m not going to lie. i don’t really know how to approach women either. luckily up until this point in life i really haven’t had to.

This is a response that I received on my comment:

@MadScientist7- Duh! From what I hear you’re 6’6″ or better. You have no place in this conversation lol. Seriously though, I see you trees posting up in clubs and just standing there without a worry in the world and all this talk about women being scared to approach men is NOT present when a dude who’s over 6’4″ shows up cause women approach them ALL THE TIME lol. Not mad at you though. Gotta use whatever game-changing advantage you have out here. If I was that tall I wouldn’t have ANY DAMN GAME lol, I wouldn’t really need to.

When I read this response to my comment I must admit I side-eyed the hell out of it. I don’t understand how being tall automatically means you attract women. Sure being tall gives you some advantages. You can see women from further away and they can see you but does that mean I just get women because of that? No, its because of my charming personality and wit. Matter of fact the complete opposite happens. I might catch a woman stealing glances at me but how am I supposed to know she’s looking at me out of genuine interest or just because I’m tall? I certainly can’t tell the difference.

This got me thinking. And we all know what happens when I start thinking. Either way I know a lot of dudes who say they wish they had my height but they fail to realize that being tall has a lot of drawbacks as well. What are they? Well I’m glad you asked.

Riding in a car for a long time sucks

This has the be the worst. Its torture on your knees. When you finally get a chance to stretch your knees start to crack and you can feel all the blood in your legs race towards your knees. The same thing happens on airplane or bus rides. When I go to the movies I usually have to sit at the end of the aisle so I can put my legs into the aisle. Otherwise I won’t be comfortable at all and I’ll start fidgeting approximately 15 minutes after the movie starts.

Hitting your head on shit

I loathe walking in places with low ceilings such as basements, planes or buses. I’m guaranteed to hit my head on something. Outside of each apartment on my floor is a light fixture hanging out the wall to illuminate the hallway. Since I’ve moved I’ve hit my head three times on that light fixture walking out my door. One time I was in a rush and hit my head particularly hard. I could have sworn I drew blood.

Finding pants that fit

Do you know how hard it is to find jeans with a 32/33 waist and a 36 inseam? I’ll tell you. Hard as shit. Finding a perfect fitting pair of jeans is like winning the lottery. I’ve found that Big and Tall Banana Republic and Levi Strauss relaxed jeans fit me best. Anything else is really hit or miss. Going through racks on racks on racks of jeans to only see 30 or 32 inseam jeans is just insulting.

Everyone asking you dumb questions

“Do you play basketball?” “Where do you play?” The answer is yes but I don’t want to be labeled damn it. What if I wasn’t good at sports? I would be offended. What if I was good in sports but I played something like soccer? One time I was washing my hands in this public restroom and this older white guy stops me and asks me if I played for this high school basketball team. At the time I was 28. -_-

So you see being tall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m sure some of y’all are still like get over it and be glad. You’re right, woe is me but I still wanted to share my discomforts. Can you relate to any of these problems? Or am I way off base?


50 thoughts on “Tall People Problems

  1. Megan

    LOL! Love this post because being tall and female sucks… Even though short women say that they envy my height. I have to order my jeans and dress pants because I can’t just walk in Forever 21 or wherever and find jeans… Can’t sit in the front desk in class (Sometimes I do #thuglife). Bumped my head on many chandlers. Short men always trying to climb this tree lol It’s rough being tall… Being fun size seems fun 😦

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      and you know what. many moons ago you were the first woman to actually approach me. *shrug* i guess being a tall woman gives you confidence.

      also, i thought you dug short men?

      1. Megan

        When I read this post I thought about me approaching you that night… Confidence, nah… Just wanted to spit that game to you! LOL & I rather date a man taller than me but it isn’t a deal breaker if someone is shorter than me…

  2. Dewan Gibson

    Tall men make more money, have more sex partners and are less likely to be patted on the head. Also, short guys are more likely to be killed and stuffed in the trunk of a Cutlass by guys on “The First 48” who are ’bout that life.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      how tall is bill gates? donald trump? puffy? most entertainers and business men are short. sure bball players are tall and make a lot of money but how many tall dudes actually make the league?

      i know a dude who is about 5’8. we were having a discussion about sex. he told me he was pushing 200 bodies. 200. i couldn’t even imagine nor want to have anything remotely close to that.

  3. Lioness Rising

    So are you really 6’6? that’s tall. Yes women want tall men, but I am used to men being about 4-5 inches taller than me (I’m 5’4) not a whole foot! I think I would be a bit intimidated by you to come up and start a convo. That can be another downside to being tall. People may perceive you to be more intimidating just because of your height.

    and what about the bed? Do your feet hang over? Do you have one of those extra long beds?

    Your problem with being tall is like the pretty girl who can’t find a man and all her friends are like, “really doe? stop playin”

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      “I think I would be a bit intimidated by you to come up and start a convo. That can be another downside to being tall. People may perceive you to be more intimidating just because of your height.”

      see and i think this is what happens most of the time.

      i hardly ever sleep straight or sleep in one place so i have queen and it does the job for now. although i do have dreams of a california king.

      i like that analogy. i was talking to my friend the other day (who is really pretty) and she told me the same thing.

  4. Katrina

    Wow,I must admit I have a height limit or about 6ft for men. Any taller and my neck and back get tired of making eye contact. But, there is always the exception to the rule and my dear you are and exception. Someone could and should miss your height and focus on your smile, conversation,and your laugh otherwise if their focus is “damn how tall are u”, then they miss you. (Think on that one). If anything think taller females have it bad. I’m only 5’8, in high school that was tall for a female and I would get all these short ass guys walking up on me, no thank you. Now you have all these amazon females walking about and no male to height match them. I walk through the store and see a shorter person and amh, damn that must me miserable being that short. And I still get the excuse me can you reach that for me..gladly. So you may hit your head and have to bend down to give a hug or two, but trust some girl is looking to climb that tree rather she approaches you or not. Everyone wishes they were taller, shorter, slim, whatever every now and then. That bullshit comment whoever sent it, you can let that go. Next time someone ask if you play ball tell them yes but I’m usually to busy fighting cancer to play. Stay being u boo

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      “Someone could and should miss your height and focus on your smile, conversation,and your laugh otherwise if their focus is “damn how tall are u”, then they miss you. (Think on that one).”

      this actually makes a lot of sense. thanks trina. 🙂

  5. Euphoric Ears

    As a tall girl (5’8) I can related to problems 1, 3, and 4

    I often get asked if I model or play ball (which I do…but so what). I remember I was chaperoning a field trip w/ the school I work at…and the head volleyball coach tried to recruit me.

    Tall girl problems….heels. Its hard to find cute heels that aren’t super high. No thanks, don’t want another 5 inches added to my frame. But okay, I wear heels…then I realize how short most of the dudes are. The chances of a dude approaching me while I have on heels <

    I don't even wanna talk about jeans…that's a whole different set of problems

    As a tall girl, you're hard pressed to find a man that you can't sling on your hip. I can count on 2 fingers the # of dudes I've dated that were significantly taller than me. Two fingers.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      2? sucks to be you. well not really. if that’s your thing.

      i’ve always thought tall women liked wearing heels to make them seem taller. shows you how much i know.

      1. Euphoric Ears

        Thaaaanks for understanding ._.

        Nah, buddy. I don’t need an extra 6 inches added to my height. I’m good. Sure, my legs look great and there’s an extra confidence that comes w/ heels…I just don’t like being the center of attention like that (at times)

    2. Katrina

      Totally agree. “Death to 5inch heels” Can I just get a cute pair of 3-4 inch heels and not have to give my pay check away to find pants that are long enough? If another 5’5 dude walks up to me talking about damn your sexy while looking at me from the chest down (because he cant see any higher) I’m going to trip him as I send him on his way. If I have to look up at a guy because I’m shorter its a blessing. Plus I would like to be the one saying “Can you reach that for me”, even though i can most likely get to it…lol

    3. mizzcam

      Cosign 1000%. Being 5’8″ was fine when I played ball, but now… no bueno. Sometimes I like it, when I need to reach something that’s high up, but more often than not, it just seems to make me more awkward than I already am.

      The HEELS. When I go out, I feel like Lurch sometimes. I’m so easy to spot in a crowd because I’m towering over every other chick there. Plus, when you’re a tall female, you probably have big feet. Thank God they started making cute shoes in a 10, but I know chicks who wear an 11 or 12 who have 0 options in the shoe game.

      Lastly, my arms are ridiculous. One of my friends used to say I had “monkey arms” because they’re so long. I have yet to find a winter coat with sleeves long enough to reach my wrists.

      But really though, tall men stay winning. There’s just an extra level of segzi awarded to any man above 6’2″. But 6’6″?? #swoon
      They just don’t make ’em that tall these days =/

  6. Ericka

    Like Katrina, I’m 5’8″ but when I put on heels, I’m reaching the 6′ area.

    Now a man that is 6’6″ is a dream! I’m tired of having to wear flats on dates because the guy I’m with is only 5’9″ and kitten heels are not happening.

    A man with height generally provides a sense of security, which I would venture to say, is an attribute most women desire in a man.

  7. max

    Hahaha I’m not tall but I’m long-limbed so I feel you on some of this.

    If you have long legs, having to fold them up to fit into a car (especially the back seat) for long periods of time sucks.

    And I sooo hear you on finding clothes that fit. I don’t know what it’s like for men, but as a girl trying to find jeans in a small size with a long inseam is impossible. And I have freakishly long arms so the chances of me finding sleeves that hit me in the right spot are about slim to none.

    All in all though I’d say tall men stay winning. Girss love tall men.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      how tall are you max? i assumed you were like 5’7 at least. at least your pics make you look taller.

      “All in all though I’d say tall men stay winning. Girls love tall men.”

      coming from the woman who doesn’t date taller men. riiiigggghhhhtttt

      1. max

        I’m about 5’7. I don’t know if that counts as tall.

        And you and I both know I am the only woman on earth who shuns tall guys. You guys are still good without me.

      2. madscientist7 Post author

        well considering the average woman is about 5’4-5’5 i would say that’s tall. i’ve always said if i were dating my ideal woman and i could pick her height she would be 5’7-5’9.

      3. Keona

        I didn’t think height was that important til I saw my 5’9 ex standing on the tip of his toes to reach the top of the refrigerator one day. Very un-sexy.

        Oh and small size + light skin makes a dude look feminine to me, and I know it makes no sense. But that’s another subject.

  8. Miss Jenkins

    I hate long car rides. If I’m sitting in the back seat, I’ve been known to stretch my leg to the front every so often to help the muscles out a little. I also hate that I have to order tall sizes online, unless I get lucky and find that one in-store return that happened to be in my size. For dress pants, I often just by the regular length and get the hem taken out.

    I’m 5’8″ and I’ve kinda given up on having a man who will be over 6′. I still hope and dream though…it’s such a great feeling being hugged up by a tall dude.

    I’m sure this happens to other tall men and women, but when I am in the grocery store or at a friend’s crib, and I see someone struggling to reach something on a high shelf, I usually get that sad “please help me out” side eye or it’s assumed that I will or should get whatever it is for them. smh.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      yo. i promise the one time i actually rode in the backseat during a long car ride my feet were sitting up with the front seat passengers. they couldn’t even get mad. good thing my feet don’t stink,.

      “when I am in the grocery store or at a friend’s crib, and I see someone struggling to reach something on a high shelf, I usually get that sad “please help me out” side eye or it’s assumed that I will or should get whatever it is for them. smh.”

      this happens to me as well. in the lab, in the grocery story, etc. i usually don’t mind though.

  9. Shondriette (@Shonnerz)

    I’m 4,11″ so I can’t relate to any of this! However, I do have my own problems: even in petites I need my pants/jeans hemmed, I need a stepstool in my kitchen to reach high shelves, the short jokes are non-stop! and tall women hate because I tend to date men who are 6’+.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i think they should hate on you. i would too if i were a tall woman. i mean i could imagine how hard it is out here for tall women.

      i hate jokes about anyone’s physical appearance. whether it be tall or short. you can’t help how tall you are.

  10. Keona

    I’m 5’7. I’ve hardly ever felt short, but my 5’8 friend has these really long limbs & it irks me when she can reach things on high shelves that I can’t.

    But she can hardly find long-sleeve shirts that extend all the way to her wrist. She has to buy almost all her pants one size too big. She can’t wear mini skirts because they cover much more skin on a short girl than a tall one ( I have this problem too). And now that she’s gone natural and her hair grows “up” instead of down, she mildy resembles “eraser-head” Kid from House Party. She stands out in an odd way even though she’s really pretty.

    But Tunde you’re really, really tall. I can see why your height is a problem. It’s definitely intimidating at first, but chicks dig tall guys. It can even work in your favor as a conversation starter if a lady does want to approach you.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i didn’t even think about tops. my arms are really long too but for some reason i don’t have a problem finding sleeves that fit me. *shrug*

      i feel sorry for your friend.

      see the problem is lady’s approaching me. it doesn’t happen. not that i’m complaining or anything.

      1. Satya

        Trying to buy long sleeves is the pits! I usually only wear 3/4 sleeves b/c long sleeve shirts tend to stop 2-3 inches before my wrist.

  11. aye bee

    I agree with your blog even as a tall female it has it’s downsides. Like the others have said, pants shopping is the worst,especially when you are 5’10 and not super model skinny. I feel Euphoric about the heels bc u want to feel that extra ‘umph’ that walking in heels gives u but often times it makes you the tallest woman in the club which always gets u those “freak of nature”stares.
    I like the pretty girl analogy 2 bc it is true. Ppl don’t have the courage to approach you or assume you are already taken. I’ve found out years later that ppl have had crushes on me,hell, even ppl I had crushes on and they just didn’t know how/when to approach me. That sucks sometimes.
    I like to think of having height like how women think of boobs. Most of those who don’t have boobs want them, and most of those who have a lot of them wish they were smaller. And so it is with height, a lo of tall ppl wish they were shorter, and short ppl have napoleon complexes.

    1. Satya

      ^ This! It seems stores order limited amounts of 12L. I have the most difficult time buying pants. I also can’t find button up shirts that ft. I wear a L but the button by my breasts looks like it’s going to explode. I can do an XL if I put a safety pin, but then it’s too big around my torso. *sighs* I should have listened to my grandmother and learned how to sew lol

  12. Jess Simmons (@JSimmons17)

    The grass is always greener…

    Being vertically challenged used to be a big hang up of mine. Mom’s 5’1″, Dad’s 6’2″…and I am nowhere in the middle at 5’2″..

    Imagine being petted – like an animal in the zoo. Imagine getting literally picked up & moved out of the way. Imagine still getting carded to play the lottery b/c you look like high school student. Sigh.

    While being petite has some advantages, a small part of me still wishes for a few additional inches of height. Thank G-d for high heels!

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      wait, i get the high school student thing too. i get carded for all types of things. i guess i just have a youthful appearance.

      getting moved out the way has to suck though. *pats you on the head* lol

  13. Gregg Harris

    I guess im average height(6 ft.) so i cant really side with the trees or the vertically challenged, but if i was taller maybe 4 to 6 inches taller this might mean a easier time dealing with our female counterparts. I know its out dated but we have all heard a female make the connection between your height or shoe size, so whether it makes sense or not who would u want 2 be Shaq or Webster.

  14. Dr. J

    About that car thing… here’s one for you. My best friends are 6’6″, 6’4″ and 6’3.5″, in just about all settings I am sitting in the backseat. And I am always the person who gets looked at to ride b*tch. It’s been this way since we’ve all known each other. And i’m not short. I just have to roll with these guys. My boy that’s 6’6″, we had a fight in Miami and he won “permanent shotgun” in what we dubbed the “Bash at the Beach.” It’s hilarious seeing this from the other side.

  15. AWordorThree

    A good friend of mine is 6’6″. He always requests the exit row when he flies coach, and when he doesn’t get it over the phone, when he arrives at the gate and they see his height, they change it.

    That eliminates one of the problems!

  16. African Mami

    Well let me tell you this Mr. Mad, I’ll be STEALING GLANCES because you are tallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! I’ll be STARING because I’m interested. Finito!

    CRY ME A RIVER ABOUT YOUR HEIGHT! do you know how annoying it is to be constantly approached by midgets, and you are on here agonizing about your height and the so-called “challenges”?!

  17. Tom

    As a guy who stands 6’11” I can absolutely say you hit the nail on the head with this. I can’t go anywhere without people asking stupid questions or even worse are the people who I walk by and then they turn to their friends and make a comment like “oh my God look how tall he is!” I’m tall not deaf!! But as for the talking to girls I usually just try finding tall girls and asking if they want to be able to wear heels on a date.


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