Childish Things

This post might irritate or upset a lot of dudes (and some women) that read this. If you’re offended then good.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Corinthians 13:11

I turn 30 in a few weeks and I’ve noticed certain behavioral patterns from men my age and older than kind of baffle me. There are certain things I used to do as a child that I couldn’t imagine being interesting in now as an adult. Sure its nice sometimes to reminisce and have thoughts of nostalgia but I think some of y’all have gone a little overboard. Some examples I’ve seen are:

Grown men watching wrestling

I used to love wrestling. Hulk Hogan was my favorite wrestler. I also liked George “The Animal” Steel, Jimmy Snuka, The Bumblebees and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. You know when I stopped watching wrestling? When I found out it was fake. I was 11. This is why I can’t get why men over the age of 18 tune in week after week to see oiled up men in underwear parade around a ring. Its not even real. Its like a male soap opera. Just watch a real sport. I’d rather sit back and watch the Masters than to sit and watch an episode of wrestling.

Video games

I also used to love video games. Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Spy Hunter, Excite Bike. All that. I was even into video games when the original playstation dropped. You know when all that stopped. College. I didn’t have time for it anymore. I might play my brother’s PS3 occasionally when I’m home on Christmas break or something but besides that my schedule does not allow for it. Between work, the gym, tv, leisurely activities (bars, dates, movies, etc), reading I just don’t see how I would sit down and play a video game for hours. I kind of judge people who spend more than 5 hours a week playing video games.

 Arguing with women

Not saying that you can’t ever disagree with a woman but grown men should learn that arguing with women in public is a lose lose situation. And yes twitter counts as public. I see it all the time. I really want to tell the dude in question to just fall back. A man should be able to portray his stance on a subject with another person without going back and forth. When the name calling comes out that just equals bitch made in my eyes. Word of advice. If you must argue with a woman in public or private, use your words carefully and logically. Letting your emotions get the best of you in feminine.

That said. Anything other behavior from men or women that you find juvenile and you wish grown ass people would just stop?


18 thoughts on “Childish Things

  1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    -Grown men watching wrestling
    I nerd out on some dumb things but wrestling actually still being on the air baffles the hell out of me. I’m a southerner and I grew up watching wrestling every Saturday with my Granddad but I just don’t understand how people watch it now.

    -Video Games
    I’m so so on video games. I’m not going to spend my time playing some 12 year old from Iowa in Madden or any other game. I would rather watch an actual game than pretend that I’m Aaron Rogers. I like shooters but again I’m not with the “log-on so we can play Call of Duty.” I’ll glad pretend to doom terroristst to blow off steam but that’s about it.

    -Arguing with women
    I just don’t do this. I would be more pissed at myself if Moneypenny and I got into a public spat. We’re both in out 30’s so that’s a no-no. Sadly, I’ve seen this happen way too much.

    “Anything other behavior from men or women that you find juvenile and you wish grown ass people would just stop?”


    -For some reason drinking a particular liquor because some rapper owns it or drinks it bothers me. I’ve always hated this.
    -Star f**king bothers me. Reality TV, Facebook, and Twitter have made me much more aware of this. The possible rumor of two black movie stars with a weird-a** marriage breaking up sent people into a frenzy and I was like “meh”.

    I sure I could come up with more but I’ll stop before it turns into a rant.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i’m with you on the liquor thing. i did a post a while back about nuvo being the man ladies drink. i hate seeing dudes in the clubs rocking with bottles of nuvo. like really dude?

  2. Keona

    For women, I think we should be over labels.

    There’s nothing wrong with dressing up & looking nice, but as we grow & learn to be more financially responsible, I think women should lay aside the desire to wear the clothes with the biggest name brands. We can be fashionable and beautiful on a budget.

    As adults, our priorities should be different. Rather than putting too much of our money into our closets, we should focus more on investing in ourselves & our futures. Save for a house, college fund for your future kids, or if you’re single w/o kids, use that money to invest in a gym membership & healthier foods (like I’m learning to do).

    And we also shouldn’t let labels dictate who we date. Just because a guy doesn’t wear Polo every time he walks out of the house doesn’t make him un-dateable.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      what about uspa? does that work? lol

      seriously, i feel you. label whores bother me. that’s my brother all day. his closet is at least $10,000. like for real dude? why do you need 4 different gucci belts and a personal shopper?

      1. Keona

        Lol hey people talk bad about the uspa but I really don’t care. As long as he looks presentable, I’m not checking for a label.

  3. LaDiDa

    Nice points Wu and Tu, lol

    I would like to add:

    Blaming others for your problems- it comes a point and time when you shouldn take responsibility for your life. To not do so is childish

    Duck tales- lying or exaggerating about your life to look good to others (or steal someone else’s is juvenile

    That’s all I got for now

      1. LaDiDa

        Yup, Twitter is the perfect platform for Duck Tales. Some peoples lives only exist in an alternate universe

  4. nowsayitwithme

    I’m with LaDiDaDi-We Like To ParDi on this.
    This is a list of things my younger brother does… but he’s SIXTEEN.

    I used to watch wrestling when The Rock And Steve Austin were on it. I retired when they did.

    Video Games? I don’t know why guys get so worked up about this & look forward to new releases of Madden, 2K, yadda yadda. I guess cuz I never played it like that, i wouldn’t understand. Oh well.

    Arguing with women in public? Lol just let us win & shut us up later if you catch what I’m throwing.

    Oh and I’m soooooo cosigning La’s “Blaming others”. Seems like NOT taking responsibility and refusing to admit your wrongs is what’s hot in these streets. I’m sick of it. And there should never be a reason to lie on someone else’s name to make yourself look good, whether it’s lying on a female’s name or a guy’s. You break all sorts of human code by doing that. Scum.

    I’m sure there’s more but it’s early and I don’t have the juice… or something. Good read Tunde

  5. Lina

    Pouting. Grown men should not pout. I was on a date a few weeks ago when dude was pouting, sulky, and throwing a low-key tantrum b/c I didn’t want to spend the day with him in a hotel o.0. It was our 3rd time meeting in person, I still don’t understand his behavior. I guess since I’m younger than him (he’s 29, I’m 22) he thought he could act any ole way. Such an awkward experience.

  6. Somethin Special

    Great Post.. Nice blog too.. first time I’ve been. I stopped watching wrestling when I found out it was fake as well… I was a fanatic too.. Begging my dad to let my sisters and I watch the Royal Rumble on Pay-per-view when we spent weekends at his house.. I was shocked and heart broken when I learned the truth as well. And those wounds reopened when my fav wrestler died. RIP Macho Man *tear* Ohhhhhhh yeaa!!

    I think I’d add getting drunk. Honestly I’m not much of a drinker myself. I tolerated my friends during College when they’d get wasted but after college getting “white boy wasted” every other weekend is neither grown nor sexy. And now that I am whipping it and happen to always be the designated driver I am NOT having it.

    And while we’re on the subjectof club antics.. In your early twenties its quite alright to be in the club every weekend.. Thursday to Sunday… but seriously if your over the age of 30 and your facebook/twitter/blog is littered with photos of you from 7days7nights, DatzWhatzUp, and every other Party-razzi site with your trademark bottle of Clicquot (or whatever it is the kids are drinking these days) and such I will give you a side eye. I can’t be the only one that shudders at the thought of hitting 21 and over parties can I… I’m only 28.

    Lastly.. Learning how to take rejection. Which is kind of an add on to what someone mentioned already about dudes who sulk. It is not cute to beg a chick for her number AFTER she has already said no. You are not a horny teenager your a grown man please pick up your dignity and walk on. It is equally not ok to go on a rant about how said female was ugly anyway and you were doing her a favor by asking for it. Ladies its not cute to go on your own rant about how a dude ‘probably had a small d*ck anyways’ either. Put on your big girl panties and take your business elsewhere Please and Thanks.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      appreciate it. you hit on a lot of posts i’ve covered in the past. matter of fact i recently did one on how men should approach women and learning how to take rejection was one of my points.

      as far as drinking i like to drink but i hardly ever drink to the point where i’m drunk anymore. i like the taste of alcohol.

      great feedback.

  7. MilanRouge

    One of my ABSOLUTE favorite passages from the Bible. 😉

    Great post. Chuuuch! Tabernacle! All of it. I can dig.

    I don’t get the wrestling thing (I used to watch as a kid with my brothers…none of us watch anymore), or the video game thing CONSTANTLY (from time to time and perhaps weekly for an hour or two or so is cool but being STUCK there as a grown man baffles me). My dad who is near 60 plays playstation games…he’s not hooked to the screen constantly and ALL of his games consist of those war games and golf. That’s it. LMAO. And my dad is my hero so I’m not totally against them but I think moderation is key and when you’re a grown ass….moderate that mess DOWN some. You shouldn’t have that much time in the world if you’re doing positive things with your life.

    The arguing with women in public. Yessssss. Same goes for women. The heated back and forth in any public arena with the opposite sex is…childish. So I agree there and it goes both ways.

    Also, I’d add having to go out every weekend to the bars/clubs is…childish and young to me. That’s like stuff I did in college…and early twenties. But some people 30 and beyond are STILL pressed to be out in the streets every weekend. It boggles my mind. I didn’t read the comments all the way through so if someone mentioned this already. Agreed!

  8. Jason H.

    LOL, hating on me and my video games. When Madden hit’s the shelves every year I put in about 15-20 hours a month……… you knocking my game playing but you reading up about sneakers every day…. lol


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