30 Libra Summers

This like a two in one post since I haven’t posted anything this week.

Today is officially the first day of autumn. Autumn is my favorite season. The obvious reason is me being born during this season but I’ll get into that a little bit later. I hate summer for the mere fact that every city I’ve ever lived in sees temps of upper 90s to lower 100s during the hottest months of summer. I hate being that hot. Spring sucks because I developed terrible allergies when I moved to Nashville (we’ll see how they act up here) and winter is just cool.

Since today is the last day of summer I thought I’d give you guys a recap of my high and low lights of the summer.


Graduating. I ended my academic career (after 25 long years). Getting a new job. I got a great job at New York University doing some great research. Moving to New York. At first I had apprehensions about moving here but I’m certainly glad that I did. Meeting new people. I’ve met some great people in the short time that I’ve been here.


Leaving some great friends behind in Nashville. The #MoneyTeam PC’s are great friends and will continue to be so for life. I love them to death.

Summer is over. Autum’s back. So I’m excited. Today is also the beginning of Libra season (9/23-10/22). I know so many people who’s birthday’s fall during this time its crazy. Honestly, I’m not an astrology freak by any means but I do at least pay attention to my sign. I know that Libra is the only sign that has an inanimate representative (Libra Scales). I’ve taken the liberty to highlight what I think fits me.

Traits of a Libra….

  • Desires popularity
  • Loves art
  • Neat
  • Dresses up for the occasion
  • Slight perfectionist
  • Narcissism
  • Charitable
  • Bossy at times
  • Plans ahead
  • Attention to detail
  • Loves public service
  • Beauty
  • Gifts
  • Debates
  • Attention
  • Intellectual conversations
  • Admiration
  • Credit cards
  • Mingling
  • Subtle colors, textures
  • Noise
  • Confusion
  • Sloppiness
  • Ugliness
  • Dirt
  • Pressured decisions
  • Being rushed
  • Criticism
That being said. My birthday is exactly one week from today. I’ll be turning 30 on the 30th (#30for30). This would be the time when most people would be somber and down about getting older and leaving their 20’s. I”m actually pretty happy about it. I have a feeling that my 30s will be so much better than my 20s. Just a feeling that I have. I’m bout to get get my grown man on.
I think I’ve taken up enough of your time so I’ll end it here.
***Also, if you’re in New York at all next weekend hit me up for details on Friday night and Saturday night if you already don’t know.***

9 thoughts on “30 Libra Summers

  1. Lioness Rising

    to me, summer>>>all other seasons. I’m cold blooded (physically only) so I’m cold AF 9 months out the year

    Like your list and like how you made a positive out of all Libra traits. I like that Libras are balanced in life, never become work-a-holics or anything. But they can be indecisive and procrastinate a bit. They don’t worry, #TeamCapricorn can’t understand not worrying.

    Enjoy #30for30.. when NYC is crazier than usual next week I will know why! 🙂

    1. MadScientist7

      i’m the complete opposite of you. i’m always hot. it sucks especially when my body temperature rises when i’m sleeping.

      as for being indecisive and procrastinating on just about everything in my life i’m guilty as charged.

      1. sunnydelyte21

        Congrats on turning 30 and loving it! Also on the job offer, many people still can’t find jobs so that good!!

  2. Corrin

    AWWWW I can’t wait for the 30for30 celebration! I told you moving to NYC would be great for you and YES, the moneyteam I mean PC’s are here for life! 🙂

  3. nianaturally

    I was born in May, so I obviously love the late spring, early Summer. Actually, I just prefer the month of May, and then after that, I’ll take Autumn all day. I love fall fashions!

    Hate I won’t be in NY to help you celebrate. I know you’ll do it big. Make sure to video the things safe to record. lol.

  4. Aminata

    Awww! Happy Belated Birthday! My birthday is Sept 30th as well but I turned 26 so I have 4 more years before I can do it big with a 30 on 30 birthday celebration. Looks like you and your friends had a great time!


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