Cole World/Charity Starts at Home

I haven’t done a music post in a while. I leave posts like that to blogs that focus on music like LaLa and Reecie. *I’ve done guest posts on both blogs but I’m too lazy to find the links for the posts.*

As far as rap is concerned I’m a fan of lyrics above all before anything else. Dope beats are cool. Swag is alright. But all that means nothing without lyrical content. Which is why I can’t get behind Lil Wayne anymore. No one can tell me that he hasn’t fallen off and didn’t even try with The Carter IV. Hip hop heads only. I have a question. How many times have you listened to The Carter IV since the first week? How many times since Cole World leaked? Never mind, that’s besides the point.

Either way two of my favorite artists drop albums today (9/27). Both are North Carolina emcees. That’s where the similarities end though. Phonte is a veteran in the game. If you haven’t heard of him from Little Brother or The Foreign Exchange then you need to catch up. Today Phonte drops his solo debut, Charity Starts At Home. J. Cole is definitely my favorite rapper and has been for a while. A lot of people consider him a rookie in the game but in my opinion he’s a veteran. He’s 4 1/2 mixtapes (RocNation mixtape counts)  in the game. I’ve been a fan since The Come Up. Today a Cole World: The Sideline Story drops.

Charity Starts At Home is a solid album. I don’t think there’s a rapper out there that makes the seamless transition from rapping to singing as well as Phonte. I like Phonte because he raps/sings about real shit. Its apparent in the opening track when he says “I do this for Hip-Hop. I’m lying like shit. I’m doing this for my mortgage and my other bills.” Phonte speaks on issues about the struggle to stay faithful to his wife to why he has no desire to be the best in the game. My favorite track is definitely Who Loves You More. If you are a fan of either Little Brother or The Foreign Exchange, I think you will enjoy this album.

Now on the the main event. The album I’ve been anticipating  for more than a year. I’ve been defending the dopeness of Cole to people who don’t appreciate good music like DrJayJack. You know people who say that Meek Mill is a better rapper. I actually did a post about Cole on my old blog about 2 years ago. If you don’t believe me click here. Cole World: The Sideline Story finally is out. I actually downloaded the album last week but I will be purchasing it today. Its a great album and I actually give it  a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I’ll start with the bad first and then move to the good. If I were Cole I would have left off Who Dat and replaced it with Bad Girls Club. I can understand his reasoning behind not putting it on the album. He produced the track himself but No I.D. produced the rest of the album. He wanted one sound for the album which is something you rarely get these days.

I had reservations after  hearing Mr. Nice Watch but I will admit even that song grew on me and I like every song on the album. I’m glad he continued with Dollar and a Dream (III). I imagine that this will be a trend in future albums sort of like how Rick Ross puts a Maybach Music track on each album. The reason why I love this album is because its relatable. Cole talks about shit that I can say I’ve been through. I’m not a millionaire, I never sold drugs and I don’t shoot people with “choppas”. I can relate to going to school, getting an education and women. My favorite track is definitely Nothing Lasts Forever. Nothing is realer than the lines:

I be out here trying to raise my status up

But success bring bithces and they bad as fuck

Ass phat as fuck, with a lil ole waist

I ain’t want the whole meal, just a lil ole taste

Should have looked both ways before I crossed you

I guess I never thought I ever could have lost you

Now I’m stunting with this bitch who ain’t bout nothing

While some niggas is learning all the shit I taught you

Well that’s my short-ish recap on both albums. I’ll be picking up both albums on iTunes today and if you’re able to support I suggest you do. Support artists who grind to put out good music. If you can support artists like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne you can support artists who are still trying to make it. On that note I’ll leave you with:

Shout out to the bootleggers who supply my shit
the fans online trying to find my shit
and to the niggas listening but wont buy my shit
and catch me in the street wanna ride my dick
y’all niggas is the worst, see me like
“J. Cole homie, can you sign my burnt CD”
nigga please, an album ten dollars
you act like it’s ten G’s
this food for thought cost the same as 2 numbers three’s
so at ease with that broke shit
we all tryna get a dollar boy, no shit.


16 thoughts on “Cole World/Charity Starts at Home

  1. nianaturally

    I don’t consider myself a hip-hop head, but to answer your question, I listened to Carter IV once, and I’ve listened to J.Cole everyday since I’ve had it. The more I listen, the more I like. Nobody’s Perfect, Sideline Story, Can’t Get Enough…

    As for Phonte, I love him in pretty much everything he does, singing or rapping. I’m hitting up the album release party tomorrow night.

    Good post.

  2. Wu Young

    I’m definitely copping Phonte’s joint. Dude is one of my favorites. His everydayness (not a word) is a breath of fresh air. I’m going to have go back and check out Cole’s older joints. I only know him from Friday Night Lights. “Bad Girls Club” is a banger though.

  3. nowsayitwithme

    I’m not a hip hop head either but I haven’t downloaded Carter IV… I wasn’t planning on it. I’m thinking of what time tomorrow I’m going to buy this J. Cole CD. I’ve listened to this album enough times. But I think tonight I might go to sleep listening to this lil cute thang. Sorry. My stan’s showing. Nice post. I’m not a Foreign Exchange fan. I didn’t know about them until..well, you. I gotta take a listen tho. Nice post. Can’t get enough, I need that.

  4. Lioness Rising

    I’m not a Hip Hop person because I hate listening to pointless lyrics. You may have restored my faith in the craft again.

    Actually, im lying. I know there is good rap/hip hop out there but I am just too lazy/do know how to search for it. Its easier when people who know where to look get it and bring it to me. That’s where you come it..

    Checking these albums out now, thanks!

    1. John Skywalker

      “I’m not a Hip Hop person because I hate listening to pointless lyrics. You may have restored my faith in the craft again.”

      Juuuuust in case those two don’t do it for you and you’re looking for more. Click the link below…(winks). Preeeeetty sure you won’t be disappointed. Common-Talib Kweli-Lupe Fiasco-Mos Def-like…minus the cursing (no this isnt Christian rap)

  5. I Am Your People

    I’m not a fan of hip-hop anymore, I pretty much just listen to whatever it is Kanye does, old school R&B and some rock. I really dug the JCole mixtape, my faith in hip-hop is slowly becoming restored

  6. Ms. Tee

    I so agree. I haavent heard of Phonte but I do now son I will be checking for his music from now on, but as fir J Cole……. I can sit & drown myself in his lyrics for hours on end. I hope this album is as good as u said it is.

  7. The Guy

    Lol dude got emo after someone said they didn’t like J Cole and then name dropped him….. #WhoHurtYou haha….don’t be a Stan

  8. Panama

    So I re-listened to the Phonte joint and I’m still not feeling it. Which is a blower for me cuz I love Phonte as a rapper. I almost feel like dude is over rap. It doesn’t even feel like he tried to me.

    I’m still cool on Cole. And I think it’s more the production than anything, it bored me to tears.

  9. CHeeKZ Money

    **shameless name drop**

    Yeah I met Cole a couple times. Its great to see nice things happen to genuinely cool down to earth people. I am so excited to see him come in HIGH on the charts next week.

    This was a great post. I know the hip hop heads in the blog world have been pumped for this kid, so I already knew Tunde was copping. To answer your question, I am a hip hop head, I downloaded the Carter IV for two wks after the leak, I still might add She Will to a playlist just b/c I like Drake’s hook, but its the worst album to ever sell a mil in a week, including NSYNC.

    Cole is hands down the best spitter to debut since the turn of the century. Went to walmart to cop, didn’t have it for sale, rushed to Best Buy, they had my dude all the way in the back, and he STILL is going to push 200K+ this week. That shows a rapper that really connected with his fan base. Production isn’t the best, but it knocks and there is alot of instrumentalization in the album. My only problem is the fact that I heard a good chunk of the album before hand. I can talk all day about this kid, but I’ll just say Cole is probably Jay-z greatest contribution as a Hip-Hop Executive (Kanye wasn’t his find, Rhianna is a pop singer)

  10. John Skywalker

    Maaaaaan. Ok not hating on Cole, but is anyone paying attention to Kendrick Lamar?!! XV? And have ya’ll forgot that 9th (who is also a Carolina native) has a IWW? I mean Actual Proof is the evolution of the lyrical rap duos (Outkast + Little Brother + Red and Meth)….inclusive of Rapsody (the next best thing since Jean Grae) and Skyzoo (scream at me NY!).

    Sales don’t do it for me anymore; culture over everything – but people are contracting amnesia and supporting artist just to exude “loyalty” to the producer. How about loyalty to the fans? (sighs) Anyway, it’s all about marketing nowadays. If a label pushes an artist hard enough, and there’s nothing ELSE out there….the people will buy it simply because there’s…NOTHING….ELSE. No options, unless you go to underground mixtapes. And I know people aren’t too keen on hearing freestyles over cover songs.

    I didn’t even bother to buy C4…..I listened to some of the songs, and even before I listened, the track’s content was predictable. A few memorable lines, but I wasn’t impressed. Cole’s album is nice….I hoped for more, but it appears to be a summation of his life’s journey. It wasn’t epic, but I didn’t expect it to be. Lyrically, he’s got my attention. Conceptually….about the same – borderline. Contextually…(squints eyes)…and that’s not because he’s that bright. But I’m not hating – he’s well rounded, and his best work is yet to come (as long as Jay doesn’t control too much of his production).

    These artists know that they’re not putting in the extra effort to provide the quality music that they did years ago. Too many factors to consider on the why. What’s more important is that they’re blatantly being reckless on these albums…and not in the euphemistic sense of the term. Diggable post.


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