Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice guy, yeah last to be thought about
First one she’s turning down, guess I’m…
Mr. Nice guy, thought I’d come in last
Maybe I’ll be better off ya, just chasing the..

Well I took this chick that was lovely
… a lobster… for hours on …
I thought this girl was thinking of me
But when we off for dinner, she brought all of her friends
While now, everyone’s playing gum like
When I feel … baby all I come
I’m out here looking for a real deal
While this chick right here’s looking for a free meal

I’m a big Eric Roberson fan. I dig his music. His content is more my speed. More mature than say Chris Brown or Trey Songz. I mean they’re cool but I’ll pass on hearing how another man can fuck a woman till she screams loud enough for her neighbors to hear. Just not my type of music. Either way back to Eric Roberson. His new album is called Mister Nice and above are some of the lyrics from the title track.

Let me tell you this here is straight bullshit. Unadulterated bullshit.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in nice guys. I’m a nice guy. I care about the general well-being of those close to me and strangers even. I’m polite. I have manners. And guess what? I don’t finish last. Sure there are times when I don’t finish first. We all have off-days. But the complaining that I hear about nice guys finishing last is just plain tired.

Mr. Pushover

You know who finishes last? Pushovers and simps.

That’s who Eric Roberson is describing in this song. He’s basically dry snitching on himself. In trying to garner sympathy for this plight he manages to make himself look foolish. Let’s break down these lyrics shall we.

He takes a woman I have to assume he’s recently met to a lobster dinner. That’s the first problem is he’s dong things like taking chicks out to lobster dinners on a first date. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with treating a woman you barely know to expensive meals but there’s something wrong with treating women you barely know to expensive meals. Let’s say he had cash to burn and was feeling generous so he didn’t mind taking her out. This anecdote gets all the more interesting as they get ready to head to dinner and she decides she wants to bring her friends. *record skips* He agrees to this bullshit? So now not only does he prove himself to be a pushover, he now enters simp status. They all go to dinner where I’m sure they are ignoring him and talking amongst themselves the whole night. After dinner the check comes and they all look at him like “You got this?”

If that’s being a nice guy then he can keep that shit. My opinion? He’s a lame pushover.

In short, nice guys don’t finish last but pushovers and cowards who are too afraid to speak up for what they want do.

Don’t be a coward.


9 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Guy

  1. Sayo O.

    Agree perfectly. The problem wasn’t that he was nice, it wad that he didn’t know when to be nice and when not to be.

    I don’t even think real women like guys like that anyway. They may use them, but I don’t think they like them. If a man can’t speak up for himself, how can he defend his woman or family?

    Being nice doesn’t make you a pushover, and being a pushover doesn’t make you nice. A real man knows how to walk that fine line effortlessly.

  2. chunk

    Welp. *nods in agreement*

    I feel the same way about being a nice gurl… I’m going to be good to people because it’s who I am, but don’t you dare take my kindness for weakness- I know when to say when.

  3. madscientist7 Post author

    also, i would like to say that i understand that this scenario is a gross exaggeration (as my friend @Corrin31 pointed out). i wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t happen daily though.

  4. K.Nicole

    Everything you said…just everything. No woman wants a pushover and like Sayo O. stated, how does that bode for me if you are going to let people walk all over you, that doesn’t make me feel safe as a woman with you.

  5. IndomitableJess (@IndomitableJess)

    ‘Nice guys finish last’ = ‘Heaux’s be winning’ mantra that was so prevalent in many of the 2011 blog posts I’ve read. Both are untrue.

    Dude in the song was a straight simp, and I agree that the scenario was exaggerated for purposes of the song. But I’m sure this has happened to at least one man before. Or perhaps a few…

    Nobody (in their right mind) wants a pushover. To me, being a pushover means you are weak. I rather be single than boo’d up with a weak man. If a person is a pushover in a relationship, I would think they’re weak in other aspects of their life such as work, family dynamics, etc.

  6. The Suburban Thug

    Tell ’em how you really feel bruh! Seriously, you right. A man can be uber nice, and still have a backbone. The pushover and simp will develop one of two demeanors; he will either grow a pair and start standing up for himself, or his bisharseness will grow to the point women will wonder if he is a man at all. I’ve seen both.

  7. Silent Scorpion

    You’re right, its simps and pushovers that finish last. People who are willing to do any and everything for the opposite sex, get what they deserve. I believe you get what you accept. I’ve dated pushovers and simps. They never last. I get bored.

    I think nice guys are the bees knees (yes I’m that old to the point that I think that’s a cool phrase). We need more nice guys with a backbone and heart to be recognized in this world. Toast to all the nice guys, yourself included.


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