Intellectual Property

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Yesterday I published a post entitled “Black Male Cool” where I discussed the meaning of cool in black culture and more specifically to black males. I usually publish my posts sometime between 11pm-midnight EST before I go to bed, post the link on twitte/facebook and then call it a night. The next day I may strategically post more links to the blog so I can potentially get as many people to read as possible. I also appreciate everyone who reads the blog and share. What I don’t appreciate is when people take my thoughts and attempt to pass them off as their own. Below is a screen capture of my post.

When I woke up this morning after taking extra time to warm up after my cold shower (my hot water wasn’t working) I checked my facebook page and I saw that I had been mentioned in a comment by my friend Veronica. I decided to log onto facebook and see what she was talking about. Below is the note in which she commented on and subsequently mentioned me.

Notice anything familiar? I had to read it a couple of times. In my mind I kept saying maybe he’ll mention me at the end and give me credit. No credit is given anywhere in the note. That’s what’s hot in the streets? Stealing entire posts, word for word. Before I got to upset I decided to check the comments since thats what brought me to this foolishness in the first place.

Now my name isn’t mentioned until the 3rd and 4th comment on the note by my friend. After he already took credit for the thoughts behind the “his” post (2nd comment). His reply when she suggested he should follow my blog: “I probably should…… I probably should write my own too just so folks know I’m not as simple as I may look” and also “I think I shared his link on my wall too and thanks lady….oh be good too. QQ” Now it may look like he linked me but after further investigation (I went to his main page) I saw this:

Status updates on facebook are listed in reverse chronological order which means he copied and pasted my blog post, took credit for it, got called out then went back and linked my post in a completely different status update. People have been telling me all day that you haven’t really made it as a blogger until you’ve been plagiarized. If that’s what making it as a blogger is then I’m content with just sharing my thoughts amongst those who actually enjoy reading it. This blogger life is not for me. I see you though Christopher Jacobs.

I think I may have to add copyright infringement warnings to my blog. I hate that it had to come to this.


29 thoughts on “Intellectual Property

  1. Muze

    so wild. i remember this happening to me in my previous blog life.

    good job to your friend for calling him out.

    like i said before… stealing someone’s thoughts, words, ideas? most shameful and pathetic theft, in my opinion. he was trying to be slick. lol.

    the online world is simply too small for people to really believe they could get away with something like that. so wild to me. glad he wasn’t an ass about it though.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      that’s what i don’t understand. facebook and twitter reduces six degrees of separation down to two degrees. you couldn’t possibly think it wouldn’t get back to me.

  2. Ashada F.

    This is just too funny to me! I keep reading it over and over again just knowing that he has given you credit somewhere and I just happened to miss it! I already commented earlier about his ‘simple’ response but then I read his responses again and he had the nerve to thank the 1st guy who commented & gave him props for the blog!!! I.cant. 😭!! LMBO….*shrugs* I guess you finally made it lol. Congrats. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Taiye Olu Wale (@iceberg_swole)

    He didn’t paraphrase, he didn’t use any quotation marks….lol he just copied and pasted…lol. You got cyber boosted, and he almost got away with it. smh.

    “that’s what i don’t understand. facebook and twitter reduces six degrees of separation down to two degrees. you couldn’t possibly think it wouldn’t get back to me.”

    I’m sure he will see this post too and respond. Shout out to Veronica too.

  4. TheMostInterestingManintheWorld

    Son tried to shine after the first couple comments. Tagged mad friends and tried to put them on… lol.

  5. bklynbajan

    Just came across your blog today (home sick) & I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I just refreshed & read your latest one with my mouth open! You should visit/contact @luvvieig. She just went through this today with her dumbest tweets tumblr & is up on all the legal action one can take. Plagarism is neither cute nor complimentary. Find out how to protect your work & keep writing!

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      appreciate that. i saw what happened to luvvie and that was just as bad. dude didn’t even seem remorseful. i’m not going to be bothered with dude after this post but from here on forward i will be looking into how to copyright my work.

  6. Tica

    I’m not a blogger nor do I care to be. I have alot to say but I detest writing or typing. Maybe if I got one of those programs I could speak into and it types my words in for me I would blog….nope not even then lol. My point is that like me he is not a writer either. His plan of not coming off as being simple, simply backfired but I guess you can’t expect a thief to be thorough…If he had maybe he would have known that you are a researcher. Your writing, your words, or thoughts whether professional or personal represent your livelihood and something you take seriously. Just like you stated in your original post those of us without morals or professional goals will fall for and follow anything as we can see from the significant number of young black people who buy into the illusion of a superstar lifestyle. Well, at least he tried to jack a positive message and not a Lil Wayne verse. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery!! Take a bow!! Keep up the good work!!

  7. Reecie

    how very lame of him. he really was saying thank you for something he did not write. ugh. Glad your friend called him out, I wouldve been a bit more nasty about it though, just because I HATE BITERS!!!

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      you know i was going to be really nasty about it when i had the post lined up in my head during the day but i got busy at work and had to wait till i got home to type it up. by then i had calmed down a whole lot. lol

  8. CaliGirlED

    Only a damn idiot would copy and paste someone’s blog post as his own, then add the actual post in the comments!!! Once his trifling thieving azz got called out, he should have just deleted the status! UNBELIEVABLE!

    Funny though because just the other a friend on facebook posted, “Something I’ve learned……”. I read it and thought to myself, “Didn’t Maya Angelou say that?”, man I hate when dumb people think you are dumb too!

  9. I Am Your People

    Looks like stealing people’ posts is what’s hot in the streets for 2012.

    @ChescaLeigh posted this hilarious video which as of now has 302 views. Problem, Perez Hilton pirated it, uploaded it to his video server, and that post got 40K hits. Also, @LuvvieIg’s ‘Dumbest Tweets’ post was stolen by someone on World Star Hip Hop reading and making fun of the tweets without attributing her.

    I’m glad you managed to get this handled without incident, but I suggest everybody out there with even the smallest blog look into intellectual property law

  10. Satya

    What a shame! It’s not just the blogosphere. It seems no one respects intellectual property anymore. My students copy and paste excerpts from websites, teachers copy each other’s recommendation letters, and administrators have stolen my lesson plans and used them for themselves. It’s deplorable!!


  11. Jere

    Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks


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