The Greatest Sham Ever Conceived…

We live in a post-racial society.

What a load of bullshit. The thing is everyone knows this isn’t true. What I believe is that the majority of people don’t want the truth. They want the appearance of the truth. The truth is our country is just as racist as it was 50 years ago. Whether covert or overt, racism is racism. This is something I’ve always seen. Because of my experiences I talk about race relations and see color. I’ve blogged about the times where I’ve been called “nigger” to my face by a white person. This doesn’t make me racist. I’m a realist. Over the past week between social media and CNN I’ve seen plenty of examples of racism that are completely contrary to claims of our post-racial country.

1. An Iraqi woman was beaten to death with a xenophobic note laying next to her. A week before a letter was left at her home saying “This is our country, not yours, you terrorists..” This woman was a mother of five and was beaten with a tire iron. The police are investigating this as possible hate crime. You think? Oft times we think that racism only includes black people but we forget that others are discriminated and terrorized. The real terrorist in this case are the soulless individuals who would beat down a 32 year old woman in her own home only for the reason of being different from them. But you know since she’s Iraqi her story will probably be forgotten by the end of the week.

2. The Hunger Games. Like half the country I fell into the Hunger Games hysteria and read the trilogy a couple weeks back. I really liked the book. While some were interested in the love story portrayed in the book I was more enthralled with the revolutionary aspect of the books. I love stories of acts of defiance and when people rebel in the face of tyranny. With that said I made it a point to see The Hunger Games opening weekend. Monday morning I was saddened to see that racist fans voicing their displeasure in the fact that the most likable characters (mainly Rue) were played by African Americans. Obviously not only are these people racist but they also lack reading comprehension skills. Its not easy to cast a character described as having dark skinned as a white girl. The thing is these people really cheered for Rue. They saw her in a positive light. Someone who they perceived as pure and virtuous. They ignored the fact that people in her district were described as having darker skin. Don’t tell these same people that Jesus Christ isn’t white. They might have a conniption.

3. Issa Rae (creator of Awkward Black Girl) won a Shorty award for her web series. I follow her on twitter and she retweeted a lot of negative comments people had to say. Here is one example. I don’t know who Anthony Cumia is or the quality of his work but he lost. Calling Issa a niggrette makes you come off as  sad and pathetic. There are people in this country who feel that no matter how talented a black person may be they will never measure up to anything that a white person does. I’ve experienced this and its sad that people think so negatively towards an entire race based on nothing but the color of their skin. Since I’m a glutton for punishment I clicked on that woman’s timeline. If you feel like shaking your head in disgust do the same.

4. Deryl Dedmon received life in prison last week after pleading guilty to the crime of running a black man over in his truck, killing him. He admitted that he and some friends got drunk and drove to Jackson, Mississippi to harass and beat up a black person. He admitted it was a hate crime and while running over James Anderson in his truck he yelled “White power”. Now this happened in Mississippi in 2011, not 1941. Not 1951. Not 1961 but 2011. Another teen who was also involved in the beating before Anderson was run over was only charged with simple assault. Really Mississippi? Really? This is why I think Mississippi is the worst state in the Union and its on my list of states I wish we could trade [1].

So for everyone who asks me why I continue to speak on issues concerning race and race relations just take a look at the news and you’ll find out. Then again as Malcolm X stated, “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” If you listen to mass media you would think all of Black America’s problems are solved because we elected a black president and  if you wear a hoodie then you’re a wannabe thug. Speaking of  I purposely didn’t touch on the Trayvon Martin story but it goes without saying that this is definitely an example of why America is far from post racial.

 [1]- Other states I would gladly dimiss from the union are Virginia, South Carolina and Florida. 


28 thoughts on “The Greatest Sham Ever Conceived…

  1. gemmieboo

    *standing ovation* EXCELLENT post!!

    you pretty much said everything on my mind about whats been going on in the news lately. its so unfortunate that our country is OK with the blatant racism and TERRORISM that is going on. when will we show that is enough is enough by utilizing our power – to vote and put leadership in position to do something about this in OUR favor?? smh…

    i think im actually most disturbed and shaken by Shaima’s beating. TO BE BEATEN IN YOUR OWN HOME?!?!?! i… cant. its despicable.

  2. nowsayitwithme

    Amen amen I say to you. I can’t watch the news because of these kinda reactions. It stresses me out but eventually, it makes its way to me and just saddens me that the place of “The American Dream” is more of a nightmare…

  3. Lioness Rising

    true true true.

    One of my friends just posted about an incident that happened with her friend (black male) for NO reason. He spent the night in jail and was traumatized because the police thought he was trespassing even thought he was sitting outside a friends house. Even after the friend (white) tried to defend him he was still arrested. I think people just want to be blind. You only see what you want to see.

    In regards the the Iraqi killing, some of the facts of the case are very suspicious. Some suspect its not a hate cime but domestic violence..

      1. Lioness Rising

        yeah thats what I heard… but either way the FBI are involved now so hopefully there will be justice

      1. Lioness Rising

        she goes to Princeton…but turns out her friend was in Ohio when this happened..don’t know if it was at a school or what..

  4. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    Good post!

    The only difference is that now the hate isn’t enforced by flimsy laws. Other than that a few trogs are still flying their hate flags. I read the tweets about the Hunger Games and the ABG and again I wasn’t shocked.

    Damn, you would keep Alabama, W. Virginia, and Indiana over SC? Damn.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i forgot all about alabama. i knew i was forgetting something. i don’t have too much experience in west virginia and none in indiana so i really can’t speak on those states.

  5. nicknotnikki

    !!! This post got me fired up and angry all over again! But then again, it’s what I needed..
    You CANNOT say race is not an issue in this day and age.. When the examples get buried under all the way people find to spin it is when I lose my cool.. It’s when the victim has to defend him/herself from the grave that I lose all hope.. It’s when we (or anyone for that matter) just “accepts” what they’re told without questioning it just because “it’s the way it’s always been..” The revolutionary aspect of The Hunger Games was overshadowed by the simplest of arguments.. Really, baby girl being black? So basic and so disgusting..

    What’s even worse is that people aren’t even trying to hide their racism anymore.. It became “let me show my behind” season.. And the laws that have never been questioned are what they have to stand behind.. And they’re winning!!

    And even though I live here, I wish Florida would just give up.. Sink itself in the Atlantic Ocean and be done..

  6. blueevey

    to continue what Lioness Rising said, Shaima’s (the Iraqi woman) isn’t yet being treated as a hate crime. And personally coming from the same county as el cajon, I highly doubt it was a hate crime. and definitely sounds like an honor killing especially because he media hasn’t mentioned anything about a husband but the daughter found her mother. Also, el cajon has a huge iraqi population (apparently, the second biggest in the country) and hate crimes are mega rare here. So unless it was an honor killing, it wasn’t a hate crime against Shaima’s race. It’s a hate crime against her sex/gender.

  7. Alexius Francois

    First off… Great post, Tunde. It’s amazing, because I was having this conversation not too long ago with some people I know, discussing the fact that racism is alive and well. Thing is, some people can only identify it in relation to old televisions, ya know, black and white. Reality is, there aren’t enough points on the racism compass to exhibit the lines of racism. Most races that reside in America hate muslims, just check news lines showing the uproar that follows the planning of mosque construction in certain areas, notably Murfreesboro Tennessee. Think about how black women have a FIT when a black man dates a white woman. Or how about hard working individuals are subject to the title of “Mexican” due to the fact that most Mexicans have occupations in construction. Those are examples that solidify and support your observation… The world is still riddled with racism.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      yep muslims are hated for some reason even though numbers wise they are the world’s largest religion. probably because due to scare tactics a lot of people equate islam to terrorism.

      1. Divine

        Good post. And yes, us Muslims are hated. I always wondered why. We are not the 1st religion to have terrorist amongst are midst nor will we be the last.

        As for anyone who thinks that we now live in the land of milk and honey and walk across a rainbow singing Kumbaya please buy a vowel and get a clue. Yes, we have come a long way but we have a long way to go still. Just a few weeks ago, in a master’s level class a classmate asked if we, Black folks would ever forgive (using the Tuskegee experiment as a context). I saw RED because for some reason, WE are always expected to forgive our oppressors and act as if nothing happened even while things are still happening. Call me mean but I fully understand where Nat Turner was coming from. His theory was proven right. The sons and daughters lived and perpetuated the same types of behavior up until today. The thing to remember is that the more things changes, the more that they remain the same

  8. redlady821

    Totally feeling this post and raising my fist in complete agreement with your statements. Raising black males I constantly speak on race, racial differences and the unequal discourse in this country. People tell me I make too big a deal about race. I feel that I don’t make enough!


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