Build a Fence to Keep Asians Out???

Wonder why there isn’t talk of fences at the Canadian border.

Last week I was watching CNN and I caught an interesting segment centering on the immigration debate. As of 2010, Asians have overtaken Latinos as the largest group to influx into the United States.  I found this interesting because with all the media coverage immigration has gotten in this election year one would think that Latinos are the only ethnic group entering the United States legally or illegally.  The debate over the Dream Act and President Obama giving leniency to young illegal immigrants the pictures you see in media are of Mexicans coming into the United States illegally. If there were to be an implicit bias test done on most Americans asking, “Describe an illegal immigrant.” I would bet that most people would describe a Mexican. These stereotypes are only reinforced by fear politics and media portrayal (looking at you Fox News).

The biggest reason that most people who are opposed to immigration is that people come to this country and take all the jobs (looks at conservative right wingers). This is in spite of the fact that most illegal immigrants work most of the jobs (sometimes at wages below minimum wage) that a lot of citizens would turn their noses up at. I don’t know a lot of people born in this country who would happily work as a hotel maid or a day laborer. Based on this this:

Asian Americans also attain college degrees (61%) at about double the rate of recent non-Asian immigrants (30%), Pew found.

One could conclude that Asian Americans are filling positions that are more coveted, higher paying and white-collar. These are jobs that honest, hard working Americans are entitled to right? So where’s the outrage? Why isn’t there litigation being put in motion to block the borders from allowing Asians to enter our country? That’s probably because Asians coming into our country are more qualified for the type of jobs they are filling. It’s hard for media to paint a picture of a group of people taking jobs and benefits when there’s no one more qualified to fill those positions.

The issue I have with a lot of agenda-based news media is how they depict the immigration “problem” as one group and they are unfairly publicized as lazy, multiple child having, government freeloaders. Conservative Republicans sell this rhetoric to their base, which consists of mostly lower to middle class whites. This rhetoric is accepted as gospel because it gives their base a scapegoat. Can’t get a job? Blame Mexicans. We’re in a recession? Blame Mexicans (and Obama). Crime rates are increasing? Blame Mexicans (and Blacks and Obama). I’m sure you get my point. In the end they have everyone to blame for their problems but themselves. They will vote against their own financial interests in order to preserve some sense of superiority but that’s another blog post in itself.

Until Mitt Romney discusses the plague of Asian American borders and how we can stop this incursion he can forget about my vote in November.


15 thoughts on “Build a Fence to Keep Asians Out???

  1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    Good Post!

    Yes, most of the immigration debate is another false narrative, of which the media is filled with now-a-days. It is interesting that Asians would be on top of this list but I guess they are harmless. I’m willing to bet a dollar that the number of illegal Euros are higher than one would expect too. I saw a news story a few years ago about the numbers of illegal immigrants brought here by force from nations you wouldn’t expect. Until the media and elected officials speak clearly about this topic Tunde it will remained skewed. Sadly, we the electorate won’t make much of an effort to find the actual data when it is as simple a Google search. Until then all of the ills rest on the shoulders of Jose and others.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      “Sadly, we the electorate won’t make much of an effort to find the actual data when it is as simple a Google search.”

      this is the problem with most issues today. all it takes is looking up the facts and coming to your own conclusion. instead most people listen and take politicians for their word. as if they don’t have an agenda. their goal is win an election and sit in an office, and then to fulfill promises to their constituents. you’re right, there are probably i high number of europeans who come to this country illegally. they look like white americans. which is why i have a problem with the part of arizona’s 1070 law. it essentially give police the right to racially profile. stop me if you’ve heard this before (looks at the new jim crow book).

      1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        The electorate does not want to make the effort to know their own rights. With the Arizona law I’m amazed at the number of law enforcement officers from there who have come out and said how a**-hatted the law is.

  2. CaliGirlED

    Awesome post!!! It is amazing how Mexicans are the face of the immigrant, both legal and illegal. All the focus is on them, while the Asians and other races are coming in, both legal and illegal, and obtaining higher education and good jobs. While the conservatives are fighting against the Mexican immigrants they are going to look up one day and realize that OTHER immigrants have become a force to be reckoned with!

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i’m telling you. they don’t know. in my field not only are blacks in the minority, whites are as well. my field is dominated by asians as well as indians. i’m not knocking them. do what you do but at the end of the day if you have a problem with immigration because that means you’re losing your job you may be barking up the wrong tree.

  3. simplysope

    Great post Tunde. I think the issue of what an “illegal” is, or looks like is incredibly interesting. Like you pointed out, it’s easier to rail against someone who isn’t a real threat (Hispanics) than to address your true shortcomings that are allowing Asians to take your place. Stephen Colbert said something that was hilarious (of course) and highlighted how crazy it all sounds. “We need to get like Berlin, America. How many illegal Mexicans can we find in Germany? None, that’s how many.” I’m curious to see how Romney plays the whole thing though, and by play it I mean ruins it.

    Wu, if you’re waiting for someone in Arizona law enforcement to speak, that time may be better spent prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse. Arizona is clearly on some real other other stuff. :/

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i love stephen colbert (well i actually like john stewart more) but he’s right. it’s ridiculous. this morning on starting point soledad o’brien asked one of romney’s advisors if romney is for or against bill 1070. all dude (can’t remember his name) kept saying is that obama has done a terrible job at protecting our borders and romney wants a bipartisan solution to this “problem”. o’brien didn’t let him off the hook tho. she was like that’s not what i asked you. its a simple yes or no question. this exchange went on for nearly 5 minutes. smh

  4. NicknotNikki

    Great Post!!!!
    The Newsweek cover last week (I think) had a pic of illegals..

    I don’t want to fill up your comments with what I think about the immigration situation.. All I know is it’s SO convenient to despise one group (mexicans) while taking (and accepting) the contributions of another group. Illegals are illegals..
    I can’t speak for everyone, but jobs aren’t guaranteed back home. You’d rather sit there and act like I’m taking money out of your pockets by cleaning houses.. Be honest, you didn’t want to do it. Be glad someone does.
    You’re right, it’s easier to criticize that another group wants to “suck the government dry” while you’re sitting home, cashing checks and watching Maury..
    It’s also funny, the fact that asians are more qualified for high end jobs doesn’t make one want to step their game up as far as education..

    then again, what do I know?

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i agree with you 100%. my father came here (illegally) in order to provide a better life for my sister and mother. he did what he had to do (bypass 3 other countries on the way here). i for one am glad he did what he did. he’s now a citizen and so are my mother and sister. they are productive citizens but what do i know too.

  5. H

    Well Asians are doing jobs that Americans aren’t preparing their kids for. America NEEDS Asians. They hire and keep them here because we are behind in STEM fields and need outsiders. (Many of the outsiders with white faces in STEM fields are European.) It is better than them taking their Harvard educated technical genius back to China or India. Don’t people remember Sputnik?

    I don’t think white Americans have a problem with admitting that they aren’t superior. Some of them have a problem with admitting that they are wrong and need to learn from outsiders. I hear them all the time talking about American decline and the rise of Asia. They simply don’t want to take the time to look at the education system and try to fix it.

    I think it is easier to blame Mexicans for them than to get angry at Asians. Then you would have to admit that Americans are lagging behind in STEM fields. That doesn’t get people pumped on the campaign trail. Americans only want to hear “We’re number 1.”

  6. I Am Your People

    I’m just quite done with this immigration debate and “our land.” The land founded by mass murder, rape and slavery? If you aren’t Native American, I’m really not having it.

    But yeah, it’s hilarious that Mexicans are the scapegoats. I remember a horrible story about a woman murdered by her illegal boyfriend…from England. I also saw a snippet of an interview with Carlos Mencia who was in Arizona with another illegal from England, who laughed at the ‘papers please’ law, because no one would stop him.

  7. fourpageletter

    If you can come here and survive the winters (esp in Maritimes and central provinces) – we’re all for it.

    Our immigration is mainly south asian and Filipino. But we don’t recognize their credentials when they get here. So…

  8. Vee (1)

    The Arizona bill wasn’t supported by everyone in Arizona. In fact, some law enforcement officials have taken it upon themselves to use the law in a way it wasn’t intended, i.e. ask WHITE people for their credentials, which led to a German CEO being arrested for not having his passport with him. This caused an uproar in that field of industry and could end up hurting Arizona’s industrial fields, simply because of this stupid law. Hopefully money will talk and the bill will disappear soon.

  9. Maya

    Good points all around, your final comment though…”Until Mitt Romney discusses the plague of Asian American borders and how we can stop this incursion he can forget about my vote in November.”…did he ever have your vote?


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