30for30- #1

Its been a minute since I’ve written a post here at the Native Son (a little over 2 months). When I started writing posts for SingleBlackMale I thought it would be simple to continue to write for both sights. I was wrong. Life has been hectic lately at work and with all the traveling I’ve been doing.

Last month I saw a number of blogs I read attempt to do a #30in30 blogging challenge where they try to write a post a day for a whole month. I’m going to try my best to do that this month. Well since today is already the 4th I’ll try to get 26 posts out and finish off on my birthday. As good a day as any.

Since I’ll be posting more frequently my posts may be a lot shorter (than the usual 500-750 words) and a lot more random. Some posts may get a bit personal as well.

Speaking of 30for30, I remember my birthday last year. I was new to New York and had a 30for30 themed birthday party for my golden birthday. 

Hopefully y’all stay with me throughout these 26 days. 


3 thoughts on “30for30- #1

  1. Rae

    Definitely sending you encouragement!! It was such an amazing process for me!! I cussed and fought through it and it was worth the process in more ways than I knew it would be before I began. Can’t wait to read your posts this month!

      1. Rae

        It is!!! I had to come to grips with things every day. I also had an arsenal of unfinished ideas so that helped. It forced me to finish things! It will be awesome though!

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