What’s Wrong with Us?

This WordPress app may be crucial in helping me stick to my goal of finishing out this series. I can type posts on my phone on the way to work.

After last weeks Republican National Convention, where lots of jokes were made and lots of shade was thrown in the general direction of my television, I was excited for the kickoff of the Democratic National Convention last night. Most of all I anticipated Michelle Obama’s speech. She did not fail to deliver. The tribute video and subsequent speech reminded us of the love the Obamas not only share for each other but also for their children. Mrs. Obama, without calling names or heavily politicizing her speech, was able to speak to her husband’s track record as a president and a father.

Since I really couldn’t fall asleep after her speech I decided to check out my twitter timeline. That was a big mistake.

Naturally, there were some men who said they wanted a woman like Michelle and some women who said they wanted a man like Barack. I think that’s great. Michelle looked flawless last night. It’s obvious that the Obamas love each other and who doesn’t love love?

The ensuing jokes (for lack of a better word because I can’t even call them jokes. Most people were serious) let me know exactly how bitter people are.

These men talking about they want a woman to stick my them like Michelle but they selling mixtapes on twitter.

Women talking bout they need a Barack in their life but they’re acting like K. Michelle* instead of Michelle O.

really? Really? REALLY?

What was supposed to be a moment to bring us together as men and women, black people, Democrats, etc. some people used it as an opportunity to tear each other down. No wonder there are daily discussions between single people on twitter discussing how much a date should cost.

I think it’s disgusting that people are so unhappy (yes I’m making blanket assumptions) with their life that they take any opportunity to trash anyone’s declaration of love. What another person wants out of their love life doesn’t affect me. Unless….unless I want to be with that person.

Hopefully the rest of the DNC won’t have idiotic, useless social media commentary.

*I have no idea who K. Michelle is nor am I interested in knowing. I assumed she’s a character on one of those VH1 shows.


24 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Us?

  1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    This actually happened huh? I made a phone call to Moneypenny, got the hell off of twitter, and went to bed after #NBR so I missed the f*ckery.

    -I think it’s disgusting that people are so unhappy (yes I’m making blanket assumptions) with their life that they take any opportunity to trash anyone’s declaration of love-

    Think back to Muze’s post on VSB and it is the same concept. Woman says I’m happy, in love, and looking forward and the alley cats begin to hiss. I don’t understand how other’s lives cause so much stress to the peanut gallery. Ain’t no love in the heart of the city I guess.

    I’m not watching either convention but both should spur intelligent conversations about things that really matter.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      yep. definitely happened. after about 5 minutes i turned my phone off and went to bed. heard this morning that it only got worse.

      what kills me is people love to make comments and judge other people’s relationships/dating life but never seem to have time for introspection.

      1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        There are no victories using the outside looking in aspect of judging folk’s love lives. One of the poinst of introspection should be “Why do I care about A and B’s love life?” but that won’t happen. Miss T-Lee said something a few weeks ago that made so much sense. She basically stated that you and your partner have to find the grove that works for you. You cannot worry about how anyone else does things. Broad brush strokes and wide-scoped conversations full of shade aren’t going to make you happy. A look in the mirror is usually a good first step.

      2. That Damn African

        “Broad brush strokes and wide-scoped conversations full of shade aren’t going to make you happy.”

        Indeed, sir. And Miss T-Lee was on point with that statement. I wonder how loving these people’s households were growing up? Did they not get enough encouragement from their parents? Friends? Teachers? Is this why their first reaction is to hurt/blame others? Or has twitter just devolved into a place where shade rules?

      3. madscientist7 Post author


        i don’t know if people’s household is a true indicator. my parents had a shitty marriage but i don’t go around pissing on people’s hopes and dreams. i think its twitter logic that would have people shade any and everything. of course this is not everyone.

      4. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        TDA, I think some folks just want to be rotten. I don’t know if things were always like that and twitter is just an amplifier. I know people who grew up okay and get involved in this sh*t too. It may be part of an e-wolf pack mentality where people just pile on. The inability of individuals to mind their own business also plays a part.

  2. That Damn African

    I already had my rant on twitter last night while this was going on. It’s really sad that people seem to have this “shade first, ask questions later” approach when dealing with ANY topic, but especially when the topic is love.

      1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        Most foolish-a** twitter rants involve just as many of the brethren as it does the ladies. There were a lot of Y chromosomes involved in the $200 date and a** eating tweet offs and I actually think that may be more sad than the Barack and Michelle shade. (Almost)

      2. fourpageletter

        that was the thing – it was equal opportunity.
        i will say that it was the fellas that seemed to start it, and women reacted (who wouldn’t, sometimes when you are being shaded…you react).
        sadness all around.

      3. madscientist7 Post author

        doesn’t matter to me who started. I’d you’re happy in your life stuff like that should affect you and then you wouldn’t feel the need to react. *shrug*

  3. Dash Williams

    The Barack’s love trigger what Thomas Sowell called a “Cultural Cringe” in Black Twitter. They know that they aren’t living right. They recognize that devotion similar to that similar to The Obamas is admirable and desirable, but they have no idea or prospects for getting a love similar. This leads them to lashing out on social media. The Obamas wouldn’t trigger so much bitterness and anger if they didn’t lay bare the limitations and wasted potential of American Romance in its current state.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      interesting point. basically the backlash is a result of people feeling inferior in their own life. what i don’t get is why don’t people realize that type of behavior is self-defeating. everyone loves to say its just twitter but its really not and acting out like that may not help you get improve your love life (or lack thereof) but it certainly can make it worse.

      1. Dash Williams

        My brief forays to the various shades of twitter have shown me that they don’t seem to be as single-mindedly devoted to relationships like Black Twitter. They do enjoy shade and Rick Ross though.

      1. madscientist7 Post author

        i may become a diplomat for a while because black twitter really irks me. thing is a lot of my followers are so cool but like i said last week its the things that get RTd into my TL.

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  5. Dream Achiever Williams

    Sad but true. People love to point the finger instead of looking in the mirror. The problem and the solution is always in our reflection.

  6. miss t-lee

    I feel the exact same way. Right after the speech, stuff got ugly. Bitterness was all about. I saw some of the same tweets that you saw. Some even took things much further. I wasn’t even going to engage with folks who are obviously unhappy with their lives, and situations. So I bailed out on twitter for the evening.
    All I can say is if you can hate on love–you’ll basically hate any and every thing.

  7. CaliGirlED

    So I glad I was on social media break yesterday! I was able to enjoy the opening night without all the BS! Who doesn’t love love? I know right! But unfortunately there are those who really don’t love it at all. SMH

    THIS is everything!!! ——–> “These men talking about they want a woman to stick my them like Michelle but they selling mixtapes on twitter…Women talking bout they need a Barack in their life but they’re acting like K. Michelle* instead of Michelle O.”

  8. Brownbelle

    That was interesting to me as well. On a less shadeful note, an associate of mine tweeted, “If I could have half of what Michelle & Barack have I’d be content.” It’s amazing to me that some folks never saw a real life, loving marriage until the Obamas moved into the White House. My parents are divorced now but during my formative years, they were happy and functional. My grandparents are the poster children for old school black love–married young & had six kids but she took in laundry and he worked 3 (three!) jobs to support them. The Obamas definitely give me the warm and fuzzies but I’m not jealous b/c their relationship doesn’t seem unattainable to me. I’m actually engaged, but even if I weren’t I wouldn’t settle for less than 100% mutual respect and adoration.

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