Mood Muzik

I’m a Joe Budden fan.

There I said it. Got it off my chest and now I feel a lot better.

I know what you’re thinking, “How could Tunde like a dude who posts half naked pictures of his girl and himself on instagram and plays out his relationships all over social media?”

I’m still a fan in spite of that. Why you ask? Simple. Joe Budden has the ability to combine raw emotion and lyricism without coming off like a bitch. In this day and age beats are more coveted than lyrics which I will never get. Nas pulled it off with some degree of success on Life is Good (‘Bye Baby’ comes to mind). Drake fails horribly at it (see: the entire Take Care album).

It’s ok for men to display emotion. I know I don’t have a problem with it myself. There are times where I’m completely transparent.

This is why I can relate to his music. Since Slaughterhouse’s sophomore album dropped last week, one of the songs off of ‘Welcome to our House’ that has been on repeat is ‘Goodbye’. In a time where rap is all about bravado, braggadocio and misogyny its hard to find a rapper that seems genuine.

I remember it like it just happened
I could of sworn it was a dream
But in reality it hit me like a nightmare
Or at least that’s how it seemed
I just got a grip on our relationship
We was ironing things out, started picking up steam
And when we didn’t need it, when it all got heated
And we both said some things that we probably didn’t mean
God intervened, guess war was at stake
Thought we left nothing over, he put more on the plate
She came home from the doctor with news I been wantin’
Said family was incoming, she pregnant, twins coming
But that’s gotta be a lie
She sighed, couldn’t stop the tears coming from her eyes
That birth control she on, for them it’s suicide
But as long as it’s still inside, 2 of them, one survived
Hard turn from memorable to cynical
Picturing clothes for what would’ve been identical
Similar outfits, similar names
My deceased kid’s ultrasound in a frame
So I’m deprived of my chance to be a better dad
Staring at my twins that I never had
I shed a tear, looking up in the sky
Even though y’all just got here, goodbye 


5 thoughts on “Mood Muzik

  1. The Suburban Thug

    So I’m guessing the Slaughterhouse EP is worth a listen? I haven’t really listened to Budden since the mid 2000s, but with that verse, he seems to have stepped his lyrical game up.

  2. Alexius

    Yea, you hit this one on the head. Go back to his self titled album and two of my all time favorite songs are examples of him doing that. “walk with me” is emotional as shit but I’m an awesome way and”10 mins” is also raw emotion. Budden handles that well…

      1. Alexius

        Now THAT song is awesome too… I leave that on repeat whenever it comes across my screen. He was so eloquent in the delivery of that story. I don’t know many who can do that. Lyricism at its best.

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