Can’t Really Think of a Good Title for This

Today I have my yearly physical examination. Although I’m in good health I always get nervous around this time of year. It’s entirely possible to feel in peak physical health and be suffering from a disease at the same time. I always fear one of those talks where my doctor comes into the room and tells me I have cancer. I guess I’ll just do like I always do and pray for good health.

Speaking of doctors. I’ve been having a lot of bad migraines lately. The type of migraine that lasts more than a half a day and wakes you up out your sleep. A couple of friends suggested that I may need reading glasses so I’m going to ask for a referral to an optometrist. I wonder how I would look with glasses. I would hate to be confused with a nerd. lol

Today I’ll be heading home to DC for the 10th anniversary celebration of the of my maternal grandfather’s home going. My mom got back from Nigeria last week where there were a lot of celebrations. My grandfather was kind of a big deal and so many people loved and revered him and if it’s one thing Nigerians know how to do its party.

We invented making it rain. If you’ve been to a Nigerian wedding or birthday then you’ve seen us in action. Anyone who’s lived a full and long life is also celebrated when they are called home to God. That being said my mom is going all out. I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends this weekend.

Hope y’all have a safe, fun and relaxing weekend.


One thought on “Can’t Really Think of a Good Title for This

  1. Dynamic Commander (@JubiTheGreat)

    Best of luck on the migraines. I suffer from them & when I was in grad school, they got really bad. I literally couldn’t make it through the day & treatments didn’t help. Anyway, your doctor will probably tell you figure out your trigger foods, which are usually cheese, nuts, chocolate & wine.


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