A Stranger’s Story

I have this habit of observing strangers and making up in my mind what their life story is about.

Perhaps that lady on the subway is the daughter of a polish immigrant who grew up learning the meaning of hard work and sacrifice. Now she’s a high powered attorney at some prestigious law firm.

Or maybe that guy who is taking his three kids to school is the morning is a single dad because his wife was killed a couple years ago by a drunk driver. His only life left is his children and that’s why he loves them so much.

Somedays I don’t have to try very hard to imagine what a stranger’s life is about.

Yesterday as I was walking from work to my doctor’s office for physical I came across a Caucasian male about 25 years old. He was talking on a cell phone which I found kind of odd. No where outside of NYC are pay phones prevalent. Also, they’re breeding grounds for all types of germs.

As I got within an audible distance which was about 30 feet because he was screaming I heard what he was saying.

He was literally on his knees screaming: “I didn’t spend the money on drugs!” over and over… I’ll let you imagine what his life story is about.


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