The Idiot Box

I watch a lot of television. A lot.

I was talking with the girlfriend last night and we were discussing tv shows (she also watches a lot of tv). My top three tv shows of all time are The Wire, Lost and Seinfeld. She is not a fan of Lost. I tried to make her see the light but she won’t be moved. SMH

As much as I spend time in the lab and read books and workout I still manage to squeeze in a lot of television. I love whoever invented the DVR. Its been such a lifesaver. The only shows I watch live nowadays are shows that come on HBO Sunday nights when I know I’ll definitely be at home. This is also why this time of the year is one of my favorite. Fall season shows are starting to come back on and I am excited about more than a few.

I will say as far as television is concerned one genre I can’t stand is reality tv. Growing up the only reality TV that came on was Real World. I liked that. It was cool for what it was but beginning with the coonery of Flava Flav and continuing on with the present day Basketball Girlfriends and Hip Hop Divas but I just can’t get behind what reality TV is now. I can’t get behind television that paints minorities in such a negative light and the support behind it. If y’all like then I love it though. I’ll let the people who watch it cook.

I’m more into dramas. My favorite stations are HBO and AMC. In my opinion they have the game on lock. Today the Season 3 premier of Boardwalk Empire comes on. This is currently one of my favorite shows. Since I’m a fan of history I like seeing how they’ve recreated the Prohibition Era. The acting is also great. Also, on HBO I enjoy Game of Thrones, Newsroom, True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm. These shows run concurrently throughout the year so there’s always something to watch on HBO.

As far as AMC I’ve recently only started watching. They have great shows as well with my favorite being The Walking Dead. Even the show is about the apocalypse the main point of the show isn’t about zombies. Its more focused on the interactions of the characters that are still alive. I also enjoy Hell on Wheels which takes place right after the Civil War and Manifest Destiny. AMC also makes what many consider the best show on television in Breaking Bad. I will say that I was a latecomer but I caught up before season 5 and I am hooked. It is as good as everyone said it would be and I’m patiently awaiting season 6.

There are a few new shows premiering this fall that I am interested in checking out. The first is ABC’s Last Resort. This seems like it will be a good show. ABC does pretty well with their dramas. The other is NBC’s Revolution. Revolution has a character played by Gustavo (Breaking Bad) so that’s reason enough to watch. Check out the links for a full scoop on the shows if you haven’t seen them.

**I am also interested to in seeing what Scandal will be talking about this upcoming season.**


16 thoughts on “The Idiot Box

  1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    The DVR is a damn fine invention! I loved Lost but those last two seasons hurt. The Wire is my favorite show of alltime and nothing else is close.

    Right now the only sitcom I watch is Big Bang. Everything else are hour-long dramas. I like both Justified, NCIS’s, True Blood, Southland, Hell on Wheels, and Treme. (I used to like Mad Men but I simply stopped caring.) Person of Interest is my new favorite on CBS. It stars the guy who played Jesus, Taraji Henson’s sexy-ass, and Ben Linus from Lost. I’ll give Last Resort and Revolution a chance too. If a show can give me good characters then they usually hook me.

    I still miss The Unit though.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      you don’t watch the office (farewell season starts thursday) and parks and rec? two funny as shows. i never got into treme. heard it was good tho. bing bang theory is really good too.

      1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        They are funny. Ron Swanson and Tom are my dudes but I don’t watch Parks and Rec each week. (The same w/ 30 Rock and the Office) I have the odd habit of losing interest in sitcoms early. I only found out how Martin ended a few years ago.

  2. gemmieboo

    your gf is into football AND shares your love of tv?? what a gal! keeper ๐Ÿ™‚

    im mostly on my drama steez – Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Trueblood, Newsroom, Breaking Bad, etc. im also a fan of Grey’s and Scandal on ABC.

    i like comedy too – The Office and Modern Family (my FAVE)

    while i do enjoy some reality tv – BBW, LHH, Hollywood Exes, – i see why ppl dont like them. i dont mind seeing ppl – regardles sof color – show their ass. its not like these are ppl i hold to high stds anyway, or ppl i expect to be well behaved. so i find it entertaining. *shrug*

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      yea she’s pretty awesome. makes it so much easier to spend time and talk to her.

      never seen modern family but i’ve ears a lot of good things about it. maybe i’ll check it out sometime.

      yea i get that you can’t be serious all the time and you want to fill some space ratchetness but something about ppl being famous for sexing (because few of them are married) sends all the wrong messages to me.

      1. gemmieboo

        how is it a wrong message when thats just the way the world is??? whether its on a reality show are not – ppl are fascinated by ppl who are dating/sexing/seen in a photo with famous ppl.

        what i find interesting is that even with all the money, ppl can still be just as messed up as the next person.

      2. MadScientist7

        IMO its sending the same message that a lot of rap videos send. mess around with a ball player or rapper and you too can be famous. you can see that its just entertainment but i don’t think its the same for a lot of ppl.

  3. JDoubleU

    Just started watching Hell on Wheels, only thing I hate about AMC shows is they have such a slow build up to them…took me 2 months to watch Breaking Bad up to now. And there were definitely some lulls to it. But once it got deep enough into the story arcs, I was hooked

    Man you brought back memories about the real Real World…last season I saw was the Vegas joint w/ Irulan and Alton. I couldn’t even name the last 3 cities they did if my life depended on it

  4. tdlove

    Lost was great. Though I have to admit, there was something about it that made me fall asleep in the middle of the program, and then I would have to rewatch it later.

    I am just excited that it’s Fall again and I can watch good tv. Summer was BORING. I mainly just watched soap operas.

    Yes, I said soap with it.

    I don’t watch reality tv that much. Well ever…I get my drama from the soaps, and that is hard enough to keep up with. LOL

    I also love Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU (THAT is a staple, I’m very surprised no one has listed it), Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal, Parenthood, Switched at Birth and Glee.

    I am excited to see Last Resort and I’m kind of intrigued by Nashville. #shrug.

    I watch SNL, The Office, Parks and Rec and the New Girl for comedies.

    Wow..that’s a lot of programs I just listed. I am usually not home to watch TV, I usually watch on my phone or laptop when in transit (I take public transpo a lot) or out of town. I also have about 100 episodes saved on DVR. LOL

  5. Muze

    wow. so outside of The Wire and The Office, i’ve not seen any of the shows listed. it would take me forever to catch up. wow. lol

    idk why i’ve just never been that into television since high school.


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