My football team (The Washington Redskins) took a loss yesterday in a game we should have won. We were leading 20-6 but somehow managed to lose the game 31-28. Our team finally gets an offense to go with our sturdy defense then our defense forgets how to play football. Also, our punt protection is atrocious. Despite that I’m still excited to see what my team will do this season.

You know what grinds my gears? People who talk trash after the fact. After the game was over I had people camped out in my mentions yapping. During the game when it looked like we would win it was real quiet. Me? I’m going to hype my team regardless.

Saints fans really were happy we lost because we beat them last week. Bitter much? I need Saints fans to worry about getting Sean Peyton out of purgatory and try to get Drew Brees to stop throwing so many interceptions.

What really bothers me are Cowboy fans who live in DC. I swear there are more Cowboy fans in DC than Redskins fans. That’s like living in the antebellum south but rooting for Andrew Jackson to prosper. Like any team you want but why like the arch rival of your home team? I’m willing to bet that more than half of the DC Cowboys fans have never stepped foot inside the state of Texas. Then they have the nerve to come at me after they got blown out by the Seahawks. At least our game was competitive. Can’t wait (Bart Scott voice) till we play them.

In conclusion, don’t come at me about my team if 1. My team has a better record. 2. Your team didn’t win that week. 3. You didn’t talk trash to me during the game.


14 thoughts on “#HTTR

      1. David

        The answer to that is… people feel like rooting for Cowboys is somehow “against the grain or different”. They wanna be different. lol

  1. That Damn African

    I saw this coming because it’s happened so many times before. Sometimes we just get in our own way and lose to bad teams. We aren’t worldbeaters ourselves, but we should have had that game. All I know is, f*ck Jim Hazlett for staying in a zone coverage when it was getting us burned all game and we had success with man coverage while playing Drew Brees. RG3 is still amazing to watch.

    I was in the DMV this weekend and saw a house with a Redskins and Cowboys flag hanging from it. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  2. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    I can’t stand The Boys, along with the Steelers, just have a national base and always will.(I guess you could compare them to the Lakers with basketball.) Are these folks who pull for the the Cowboys in the DMV transplants? Then again I question Panthers fans over the age of 30 at times.

    What do I know, my team is 3000 miles away.

  3. Oktobersfynest

    I am an out and proud Rams fan my boys fought hard and we won!!!!!! I didn’t watch the game but critics say that Morgan let Finnegan get in his head and cost yall the field goal. Then the additional shenanigan is the replacement refs (their miscues etc etc). (which you will probably be blogging about in weeks to come if they continue); given that you guys are more versed in the FB rules do you think they deserve a “f” grade in terms of overall “reffing”? Yeah, if Spags was still our coach those ‘skins probably would’ve won (hence, why yall won last week against Saints since he is the new DC).


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