Maintaining my sexy

One thing I like about twitter is when people who are articulate go on rants about a topic which they are passionate about. Its usually an unfiltered stream of thoughts that if nothing is entertaining. The other day as I scrolled through my timeline I came across a sort of rant that was retweeted into my timeline. I’ve copied and pasted it for your convenience below.

If u see your man walking around with ingrowns on his chin and u don’t get that hot rag, the tweezers, some scrub, & some shea butter…girl If you love your beardgod, help him maintain his sexy… Every man I’ve dated… I took care of his skin. Men work, they don’t think about that kind of stuff. U walking around glowing and dewy… but his skin is looking dry and u don’t care… nah. My king will always look healthy .

This morning as I got dressed for work I thought of those words. My daily shower and hygiene routine has been altered since I’ve started dating the woman I’m currently dating. Not to say I had poor habits before I basically took care of myself like most men do. A trip to target would have been consisted of buying a 6 pack of Irish Spring, a new toothbrush, hair pomade, some Colgate and a bottle of Scope. I. used the bare minimum.

I never really had a problem with dry skin or razor bumps so using products for that was never on my radar. Within the last year I have been having issues with ingrown hairs and the resulting bumps. This morning as I got ready for work I used these three products.

•The Real Shaving Company face scrub

•The Cool Fix Gel Lotion for treatment of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

•Bump Stopper 2 for treatment of razor bumps.

I would have never thought of walking in a store, seeing those items and thinking to my myself “I wonder how that product would work on my skin”. I find myself doing that now. Unbelievable. I will say that these products have made a difference in the overall health of my skin. I haven’t turned into a metrosexual who takes an hour to leave the house but I have noted and am starting to take more pride in my overall appearance.

I remember the first time she grabbed a pair of tweezers and told me to lay my head in her lap as she meticulously pulled out ingrown hairs on my face. She took me to Sephora and suggested I buy the Cool Fix Gel Lotion. I was skeptical at first but after using it the first time I was sold. Now I find myself looking for those ingrown hairs in the mirror.

Going back to that rant at the beginning of this post I’m glad that I have someone who is willing to help me maintain my sexy.


15 thoughts on “Maintaining my sexy

  1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    Oddly enough Moneypenny has never had to suggest any hygenic moves for me. She’ll jokingly say that she’s taking me to get a manicure from time to time and I jokingly laugh at her like she’s out of her damn mind. (I love the fact that my hands are calloused.)

    Since I live in a jacked up climate, I’m bald, and blessed with steel wool for facial hair I’ve always been up on my skin care, sun block, and hair bump game. Back to your overall point I do have fantasy of Moneypenny learning how to shave my head with a straight razor though. (No Mistah)

  2. Brooke

    I love this post! I have always been like that. Though I am not currently in a relationship, I am the woman that loves to look at my man’s nails to see if they are clean, clean the wax out of his ear, make sure his is washing with a new rag each week, etc. If I care, you better believe he is going to look like he cares! Some may say I am too observant.

  3. Ms. Bridget

    Yes to all of this. I put my BF onto Cetaphil for his dry skin and def assist with the ingrown hairs as well. At first he resisted but now he’s all, “babe, can you get these [ingrowns] for me”. I’m glad you’re “maintaining your sexy”.

  4. Latisha

    For some reason I imagined you already doing that kind of stuff. Yes, we as females should help our men out if they need it. I’ve never had a problem helping my man out those kind of things. If I’m supposed to maintain my sexy then they should as well.

    1. MadScientist7

      “For some reason I imagined you already doing that kind of stuff.”

      lol i’ll take that as a compliment. as far as skin care since i never really had issues with acne or dry skin i just didn’t think about it. now that my facial hair is starting to come in (at 30 smh) ingrown hairs are an issue for me.

  5. Darrk Gable

    I find myself paying more attention to skin care and whatnot the older I’ve gotten. I used to work on cars and such, but hated having grimy hands (go figure) but once I gave that up, it’s been easy keeping ’em relatively clean. I’m going to try that cooling gel too. Ever since I’ve started shaving the struggle beard, ingrown hairs and razor bumps are an occasional occurrence.

  6. gemmieboo

    cute post!!! 🙂

    for some reason ive always dated men w/ ingrown hair problems. its not that they didnt take care of their skin (it wasnt pimply or oily/dry) or have good hygiene regimens – as you stated – i just think they dont realize there are products to help with things like razor bumps since they dont typically shop in stores that sell those specialty products (e.g. sephora). and since im a natural picker, i cant help myself form picking at their faces when i see an ingrown hair DYING to emerge lol. but to avoid having to do that, i try to find products that work well.

    you dont really have anything else that needs “work” in preserving your sexy so your gf is lucky – her work is done lol


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