Four Eyes

For about the last year or so I’ve been getting these head splitting migraines. Over the past couple of months they’ve been getting worse and worse. I used to be able to take a couple Excedrin migraines and be good to go. Lately raking medication and sleeping it off does absolutely nothing for me. Two days ago I reached my tipping point. I felt a migraine coming on around lunch time. I took 3-200mg ibuprofen when I got home from work and it did nothing. Fell asleep and woke up around 2AM to a splitting headache. Took 3 more ibuprofen and went back to bed. Yesterday morning I woke up to the same headache.

I told myself that enough is enough and scheduled an appointment with an optometrist. A couple of my friends told me that the cause of my headaches may be do to my vision. As I sat in the office and was asked to read some pretty large letters I read them off confidently. As the letters got smaller and smaller I was still able to read the letters albeit with decreasing confidence. Then the optometrist asked me to cover my left eye and read the letters. What? No problem. I rattled off the letters like it was nothing. Then he asked me to do the same with my other eye. When we got to the third line I asked myself “Is that a G or an O?” Things only got worse from there.

I was told that the vision in my left eye was basically shot and that I would need corrective lenses. Excuse me? Glasses? I can’t walk around looking like a geek. Did he not know that I have a reputation to maintain? I’m one of the cool kids. Seriously I did worry about how I would look in glasses. That turned out to be the least of my concerns.

He then placed some liquid in my eyes to dilate my pupils and sent me to see this other doctor (who was very attractive but that has nothing to do with this post). As she used some machine to look into the back of my eye she asked if I had any family history of glaucoma. It was then I remembered that when my grandmother died she was blind. We still don’t know if it was glaucoma or cataracts because the healthcare system in Nigeria leaves a lot to be desired. She was worried about some inflammation that she saw and wants me to get regular check ups to be proactive.

Now I have a prescription for eyeglasses and I’m not sure exactly what type of frame to get. I will be going to Costco today to try on frames to see what fits my face. I do know that I’ll need at least 4-5 pairs of glasses because I have a tendency to lose and/or break things. What about y’all? Do any of you wear glasses? What styles do you wear? Where do y’all get them from?


14 thoughts on “Four Eyes

  1. Dynamic Commander (@JubiTheGreat)

    Yeah…as someone who has worn glasses since she was 5, I have no sympathy for you! LOL seriously they aren’t that big of a deal, you get used to it.

    There are lots of great websites for getting cheap glasses, I’ve used & had a great experience. There are some with more expensive designer frames & others with cheaper frames. All you have to do is input your info from your prescription & they’ll make & ship your glasses to you.

  2. Tiffany In Houston

    I’ve been wearing glasses since the second grade and have no desire to get contacts at all. Never stopped my pimp game at all!

    Make you get a copy of your scrip and go straight to to order more frames/lenses at discounted prices.

  3. Brooke Holmes

    I wear glasses and look quite sexy in them if I might add! It’s great that you’re going to try on different frames, because night one can really tell you what kind to get for your face. Generally, I use my vision plan through my insurance to get glasses and go to America’s Best to get them. I also purchase contacts so that I can change up when I want to. Make sure you get your lenses thinned out so they are not thick. More advice to come.

  4. Mines

    Once you get your prescription, try Great glasses at a fraction of the cost so… you can buy several pair and stay within a decent budget.

  5. Lioness Rising

    I’ve never worn glasses *knocks on wood* but my mom had 5 different pairs, always losing them. Then she invested in some nice Prada frames without telling me and is trying to be super cool and sexy. I think she’s trying to get a new boo lmao

    I think anything is appealing and attractive if you wear them with confidence. I know both men and women who look really great with glasses and may even look better with them. Good Luck!

  6. Veronica

    Tsk tsk tsk!! Lol welcome to the “not only am I a nerd who plays sports I also have the career AND nerd glasses to prove it” club! Lol my first pair was at 23 years old- rimless from good old Walmart. Second pair sears- 1/2 rim. Third pair is when I fell in love with plastic dark frames- my blue and black Dolce & gabanna frames fr lense crafters. Now I have a smaller frame by Tiffany and Co- lense crafters again. I RECKON you’re a RATHER fashionable fella- I think dark square frames would be good on you. Some of my friends use to get “cost friendly” frames in diff styles/colors to “match”…. I haven’t used them, but I’ve seen nice ones. Good luck fo eyes!!! Lol

  7. Seeomara

    I love this post mainly because I wear glasses, and I have been getting tested for everything you have been talking about since I was a teenager. Anyways I used to wear wire frames like (elementary school to highschool) and I hated them because I always broke them and they would get bent out of shape because I am rather rough with glasses. My advice is if you aren’t a very careful person don’t get wire frames. If you are rough get plastic frames. The downside of plastic frames is that in the heat they lose the shape (so that usually means in the summer you will have to get them adjusted more often). Glasses are a fashion statement now so you shouldn’t be worried about your look if anything they will add to your dapperness (I know its not a real word) Anyways, I will tell you one thing glasses aren’t cheap, yeah there are discounted websites but you probably won’t need 4 or 5 pairs just be careful with your new hardware. I get my glasses from lenscrafters I usually wait to the clearance sales if I go that route. Other wise I order sunglasses, contacts, and my bullshit glasses online. Bullshit glasses are backup glasses for me.

    On a serious note glaucoma is real make sure you don’t slack on getting checked for that!

  8. miss t-lee

    I’ve had my specs since age 7. My glasses are pretty much an extension of my personal style/personality. I switch back and forth between my specs & contacts. Depends on how I’m feeling that day, what I’ll have to do, or how my allergies are behaving…lol
    I’m sure your headaches will subside shortly after you get used to them. Eyestrain is a beast.
    I don’t skimp on what I pay for mine either. I’m normally dropping 3 bills on a pair (that’s after insurance). I buy designer frames, and get my lenses hooked up (ultra lite lenses, anti-reflective coating, for working on the pc, etc). If I have to wear them. I want to love them. Definitely don’t buy something you’re not exactly feeling. And, again I say, don’t skimp on quality.

  9. gemmieboo

    didnt start wearing glasses until my mid 20s. i love the way they look, but they irritate my ears. so the 1st chance i get to have corrective surgery (lasik) im going for it.

    enjoy your new look, blindy.

  10. phidelity15

    I’ve been wearing glasses since my teens. I’ve had metal frames, plastic, name brands, no-names, round and square and of course contacts (yes, even that dreaded color phase). Taking care of your eyesight is beyond important and picking frames is just the fun part of it.

    When picking a pair, try on all the styles available and even try on colors. Take pictures to see if you like how you look before deciding on a pair.

    I suggested Cohens to you because they’re like everywhere in the city. What I like about Cohens is that they have frames in different colors and they are moderately priced. I usually get my fun pair from Cohens but my main store is Fulton Eyes located Downtown Bklyn. I’ve been going there for years and the guy there always hooks me up.

  11. fourpageletter

    i’ve been wearing glasses for so long, that i feel my face looks better with them than without. i tried contacts once. didnt like it.

    i get my glasses (my current pair and the future pair) from (ironically they have a large selection of glasses). what i love is being able to upload a pic of my face and try on a whole bunch. being able to SEE what they look like on my face is..key.

    just got a pair of vera wang glasses for 1/2 price!! *shimmies*


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