Random thoughts

A few random thoughts this morning/afternoon.

As of 10:47AM EST today is the first official day of autumn. I’m glad its here. Summer is cool but fall is the best season (Kanye voice). Even though the weather turned a while ago here in NYC I’m still glad summer is over.

Next week is only a 4 day workweek for me because I’ll be in sunny southern California for a wedding and my birthday at the same damn time. I’m excited about this trip. Good times shall be had.

This isn’t new news to anyone but I’m really partial to whiskey.

There’s nothing like a tailored suit. Swag.

My groin is feeling a lot better this morning. Thinking about testing it out on the basketball court today. I’m stretching for a good 20 minutes beforehand though. I’m getting to old to just show up and play.

Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns. *zzZZZZzzzZzZZZZzzzz*

Speaking of Mitt Romney his campaign team is jumping ship like white people on the Titanic. He’s definitely having the worst week ever.

I’ll be in Minneapolis the 2nd weekend in October. Are there any black people in Minneapolis? I need to check the Vikings home schedule to see if they play that weekend. Also, I wonder when the NBA preseason starts. Maybe I can catch a Timberwolves game.

I watched Joe Budden’s latest BuddenTv video this morning. Sometimes I want to talk about my girlfriend more on twitter or post more pictures but there is no way I want to end up like that man.

I have to present a journal article in front of my department on Thursday. I guess I should find a paper and get to work on this presentation.

I hope the Redskins rebound and trounce the Bengals tomorrow.


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