The Packers got jobbed

It’s ironic that Sunday I wrote a post about how much I value sleep yet last night I went to bed at 2AM. I ended up watching a little television and then talking on the phone for a bit. I was watching the Monday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Since the halftime score was 7-0 in favor of Seattle I decided to watch something else. Since I was up I decided to turn back to see how Aaron Rodgers was doing since he’s on my fantasy team. I’m so glad I got see the end of the game live instead of catching it on SportsCenter this morning.

Fast forward to about 50 seconds left in the game and Seattle has the ball down 13-7. After a very questionable roughing the passer call the play came down to 4th and 10 and 4 seconds left on the clock. The Seahawks were at the Packers’ 30 yard line. As Russell Wilson scrambled around to buy time he heard the ball towards the end zone. After a clear offensive pass interference by Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate, Jennings (Green Bay cornerback) looked like he came down with an interception. While one referee signaled a touchback which would mean an interception another referee signaled touchdown. Excuse me? Even after instant replay it was clear that the ball was intercepted and Tate stuck his arm on the ball at the last second. The play was upheld as a touchdown.

While Green Bay exited the field in disgust 11 players were forced to come back so Seattle could attempt an extra point even tho the game was over. If I were Mike McCarthy and the Packers I would have said “fuck you and your extra point. bitch ass refs”. Obviously you can’t really say that. Or can you?

After the game several Packers took to social media to vent their frustrations. A Packer offensive lineman (whose name escapes me at the moment) said on twitter “Got fucked by the refs…. I don’t care if I get fined. Use the money to pay the real refs.” Clay Matthews posted Roger Goddell’s phone number on Facebook.

Not only were players mad but sports commentators went in last night. I thought Trent Dilfer was going to have a conniption last night and he’s clearly biased towards Seattle. They even dragged John Clayton out of bed because he had on a DriFit Reebok short sleeves sweatshirt on last night during post game commentary. Overall all this criticism is leaving a stain on the NFL.

I will be the first to say that the game should have never came down to the last play. With the potent offense of Green Bay I expected the Packers to score at least 28 points. Aaron Rodgers was sacked 9 times. NINE. Even wit that the refs still jobbed the Packers in this game. A team that expects to win the Super Bowl is now 1-2 and they play a hungry New Orleans Saints team this week.

As much as Roger Goddell talks about the integrity of the game he sure is tarnishing the name of the National Football League. Imagine going to a college and all the professors were substituted with replacement teachers. I don’t know how long that institution would be able to maintain accreditation. You would think that last night’s blunder would be the tipping point in this referee holdout but I doubt it will be. The NFL is a cash cow and you would think that paying referees and giving them a pension would be a no brainer but when greed is involved no quick resolutions will be made.

I don’t see this referee situation being settled anytime soon because everyone will complain but the players will still play, the coaches will still coach and the fans will still watch.


3 thoughts on “The Packers got jobbed

  1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    Steve Young (The one who isn’t my father) was right when he went on his rant. The league doesn’t care because we will keep tuning in. It’s no different than gas, cocaine, or any other inelastic good. Unless the ratings drop (and they won’t) Roger will let the real refs stew while everyone else gets to see craptastic football.

  2. Danielle

    I wonder if the coaches & players can hold out of next week’s games in protest. The way the replacement refs have allowed overly aggressive play after the whistle, someone’s gonna get hurt.

  3. Chi

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