All I want for my birthday is…

… is to be thankful that I am able to see another year.

I started this 30 for 30 series on September 4th and I challenged myself to do a post per day for the rest of the month. Here we are on September 30th and this is the 26th straight post. I’m proud of myself for actually stepping up and meeting the challenge. It was hard somedays coming up with something to write and or writing in the first place.

Today is my 31st birthday. Compared to the last two birthdays this one was tame and low key. For my 29th birthday I had the ’29 Bottles 29 Models’ party that people still about. So much foolishness went down. Search on YouTube to find the link (I would include it but I’m currently on a plane and I don’t feel like paying for wifi just to find and attach the link). Last year I had the ‘ESPN Films presents: Tunde 30 for 30’ party. That weekend included a lot of foolishness and drama (mostly surrounding women I talked to at the time). This year was just as great if not better.

I traveled to San Diego to be a date for my girlfriend at the wedding of one of her long time friends. This wasn’t my first time in San Diego. I was here back in 2008 for a conference but I didn’t get to see much outside of downtown. This weekend I saw some great sights, ate some good food and got a chance to meet a lot of my S/O’s childhood friends. I had a great time this weekend. My brother called me at midnight and asked why I was at a wedding reception instead of at the club. I realized that those types of things really don’t appeal to me anymore. I was right where I wanted to be.

A little over a year ago it was pointed out to me that I blogged a lot about relationships and marriage so I made a conscious effort to avoid those topics for fear of being branded a certain way. Plus as someone who had no prospects at the time I got tired of people asking me when I was getting married. I have some discussion points that I want to delve into the next couple of weeks that I hope will come across as just thoughts that I’ve been having.

I felt the love and appreciation as usual from the texts and phone calls starting at 9pm (midnight EST). The phone calls, texts, tweets, instagram shout outs and Facebook messages are still coming in. I appreciate everyone who took time to think about me and drop me a line. I started getting presents in the mail last week from all across the country and I’m still expecting a couple more this week. For someone who suffers slightly from narcissism you guys sure know how to make a guy feel loved.

At the end of this 30 for 30 (really 26 for 26) I told myself I would be taking a short break from this blog (maybe 2 weeks) because I assumed that I would be tired of writing. Also, I’ve neglected writing posts over at SingleBlackMale (I’m also a contributing writer over there). Funny thing is that I’m in mood to write a lot more so I don’t plan on taking a break from either site.

Thanks for sticking in there with me over this month. Hopefully y’all will keep reading as I share more of my thoughts.


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