The War on Christianity

Last week I flew to Portland to see my girlfriend and while I was there on a long weekend we attended church together. Since I’ve moved from Nashville and subsequently my church home (Mt. Zion Baptist Church) I’ve been something of a nomad when it comes to finding a church home. I don’t mind it though because it gives me to experience the preaching style of different pastors as well as listen to different choirs. Overall I had a great experience but one thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the inference that there was this supposed war on Christianity in this country. Sadly this isn’t the first time I have heard such claims that Christians in this country are having the right to practice religion infringed upon.

God not allowed in schools

really? Really? REALLY?

I’ve noticed this same rhetoric after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I purposely didn’t share my opinions on social media about various aspects of what occurred. For one I’m pretty sure most people know my stance on gun control but I’ve vowed to never debate 2nd Amendment enthusiasts again. I’ve also touched on Separation of Church and State before but I saw so many people saying that this tragedy happened because God isn’t allowed in schools that I wanted to revisit this topic.

I understand that a lot of people that live in America think that the world begins and ends with the borders of the continental United States. Religious persecution isn’t someone using legislation to ban from displaying the Nativity scene, or not allowing dedicated prayer time during the school day. Even though all students in the class might not be Christian and I doubt time official school hours are set aside for observance of other religions. By the way no one is taking prayer out of school. Students can still bring Holy Bibles and pray on their own time. Just like what occurs at many of our jobs.

You know what religious persecution is? It’s being cut down by machine guns along side your family because you’re Christian. This occurred to over 100 people in Nigeria not even three months ago. Or perhaps in Egypt where there are flyers being distributed that call for the death of Christians in return for reward. Last time I checked there was no blatant call of action for the deaths of Christians in this country. No one is killing you. No one is maiming you. You aren’t being thrown in jail. You are allowed practice your religion however you please or not at all. This brings me back to the individuals who believe that the Sandy Hook tragedy happened because God isn’t in schools.

I could be wrong but I thought that the eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good (Proverbs 15:3) not every place but schools since Bibles aren’t allowed there anymore. God is omnipotent, God is everywhere and to say that God isn’t in schools anymore or that this is somehow the fault of other religions or atheists for pushing the preference of one religion over another in state and federally funded schools is just plain lazy reasoning. I need anyone who uses this argument to do better.


37 thoughts on “The War on Christianity

  1. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.


    The persecution of Christians is as made up as the persecution of gun owners. They constantly ignore history and the fact that they [Christians] are the majority. They have the right to believe what they will but somehow fail to see that they do not have the right make others believe as they do.

    Like many of the pro-gun folks out there some Christians (Many pro-gun folks see themselves as ultra-Christian too. I enjoy shooting but the strong undercurrent of strong-armed Christianity and racism turns me off.) seem to start to dig in and await some imagined attack when anyone says anything they don’t agree with. Both groups refuse to listen just a little to whay anyone has to say.

    Man if America didn’t have such a fat-a** I’d be done with her… I love her #doe

    Good post, Doc.

    p.s. Looking at the cartoon above reminded me of how tasteless a few of the atheists in my TL are? I actually saw tweets resembling that cartoon. *smh*

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      lol at the image of America having a fat ass. ppl who blindly fight for increased fun rights bother me. i honestly believe that they haven’t had anyone close to them taken by gun violence. ppl are too desensitized in my opinion and as Christians i see a big problem with that.

  2. MzNinaSoul

    I understand your point and can agree with most of it but I believe there is a war on Christianity in this country not socially but spiritually. The war is not just about the government nor the atheist or those who are not Christians, its in the churches themselves. The lack of true leadership in the churches, fallen leaders and the actual teaching of the bible in its entirety or speaking truth……I can go on but will digress. Its all a war in my eyes. So no not in the sense that people try to spew in politics or the rhetoric the media chooses to high light but there is def a war going on.

    Great post!

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      my rebuttal to this would be how do define the word “war”? an active hostility or contention by one party against another is how i define it. the loss of morals doesn’t constitute a war to me.

      1. MzNinaSoul

        Its not just the loss of morals which is a symptom but I truly think of this in a spiritual sense as the person stated below and am reminded Eph 6:12

    2. gemmieboo

      according to the Bible, this “spiritual” war has been going on since before Christ. this “war” is not specific to America and, in my opinion, has absolutely nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

      Sandy Hook didnt happen because of a lack of mandated prayer time in school or because Christians are being “persecuted” in this country.

      1. Dark Gable

        And see therein lies the problem. These super nutcases are putting this on God not being in the country/school system, abortion, gay marriages, etc. The attention gets diverted from what could be a decent discussion because evangelicals, as well as super holy rollers wanna be God’s mouthpiece.

  3. Dark Gable

    I see the validity of your argument. I’d just say maybe it’s not a literal war, at least not naturally. There does seem to be, from the Christian thought process, a spiritual war going on in America. All the examples you gave, collectively, would add up to thaf.

    Secondly, the easiest ways to weaken something is to 1) where it down from the outside, and 2) attack it from the inside. For the sake of argument, let’s say the U.S. is a Christian nation. If it’s being attacked internally (read: spiritually), wouldn’t being a Christian mean that, by association, you’d be at war also?

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      the United States isn’t a Christian country tho. just because we’re majority Christian doesn’t make us a Christian nation. by that logic then America is also a White country.

      1. Dark Gable

        I get the correlation; hadn’t thought of it like that. That being said, my point was for arguments’ sake. I’ve never been one to think the US was founded as a Christian nation. I do think though that there is a spiritual assault going on in some form or fashion because of the general worldview that America is the greatest nation. This is interminably debatable granted, but doesn’t yet change the perception.

    2. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

      “There does seem to be, from the Christian thought process, a spiritual war going on in America.”

      A spiritual war against whom? A member of another religion could argue the same thing, could they not? Try getting elected without proclaiming any other religion than Christianity. If there is an actual war, which I don’t think there is, think about it from the other side for a moment.

      1. gemmieboo

        Wu, dont bring logic into the argument. many Christians dont acknowledge the real persecution and constraints being implemented on ppl of other religions.

        there is a “war” on Christianity because Christians are becoming less and less powerful in this country. our population is becoming more diverse (other religions, atheists, agnostics, etc) and more tolerant. i heard a preacher say that tolerance was disobedience to God. ha! no wonder our country is doomed – we are trying to accommodate too many ppl who DO NO BELIEVE IN THE SALVATION OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

        i have a strange feeling this is how the crusades started… hmmm…

  4. Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

    Just another thought:

    I heard Tim Scott, SC’s new “black” Senator speaking about moral decay on television the other day. For something to decay means it would have had to have been solid in the first place. I think as American’s we glamourize our past actions, morals, and legacies to a point where we can’t move forward because we’re shackled to the “good ole days”, which I would’ve wanted any part of.

  5. beautynobility

    Excellent post.

    I would just say that I think it’s a bit unfair to play a version of oppression olympics with religious oppression, and say that because you aren’t being martyred/jailed, etc that you can’t feel attacked in some way or fashion. It invalidates what could be (to some) valid feelings. And, I can see/understand some of the perspective of those who say that there is a “war on Christianity,” if you understand their thought as not being a physical war, per se, but on what they view as Christian ideals. The legalization/approval of behaviors which they would view as out of alignment with Christian perspectives – which were previously illegal, or at the least, taboo – would lead someone of that view to believe there was a ‘war’ on Christianity. Couple that with some very real cases of those with Christian ideals fighting legal battles to operate in alignment with their views (i.e. the Christian Legal Society case) and that argument could be made.

    Does this (^^^^^^) mean that the US has been “Christian” in the past? No, not at all. And I don’t agree that all of these views/perspectives that are being argued are necessarily Christian; I think many are just by products of white privilege that have been correlated with Christianity. And not to judge anyone’s salvation, but I would take a hard look at some of these ‘Christians’ (looking at you Fox and associates), and whether their fruits line up with the Word – because, my Bible says that by their FRUITS will you know them.

    Sorry for basically blogging in your comments. Great post and conversation, though!

  6. Kopa

    You should do some research on how many countries’ presidents mention God in almost every speech they make. It’s even in the pledge of alligeance. How is your country NOT a Christian country? An atheist does not have a chance in hell to get elected for anything. I believe one poll stated that Americans would rather elect a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu etc. over an atheist.

    Any kind of “war” on Christianity is just the backlash of people who have been silenced by the Christians too long. There are good Christians, but there are also too many bad Christians. Being a Christian, believing in God, doesn’t make anyone good.


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