I’m the best you’ve had…

*** A lot of people who know me personally read my blog. If you’d rather not hear me talk about explicit material then you might want to stop reading here. Don’t want to get texts later. They’ll go unanswered. ***

I’m not the type of person who talks about sex often. With that said this is going to be about sex. Awesome toe-curling, orgasm-inducing, nasty sex.

I don’t discuss it often because I’ve always thought sex (or at least the personification of it) was best left to being about it instead of talking about it. Sex is one of those things I’ve felt that if you always have to say how good you are at it then you might not I’ve even wrote about it here.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had.”

There was a point and time where those words would make me cringe because I would think of the how she might have said that to someone else.  I didn’t need my ego stroked. As long as you enjoyed yourself and I enjoyed myself then I was cool.

“You’re mouth makes me cum in waves. No one has ever made me feel that way before.”

I don’t feel that way anymore. I love hearing that shit. Stroke my ego. Matter of fact while you’re stroking my ego you can also stroke….

Go ahead and tell me how you love the way I fill you up and hit every spot just the right way. The dirtier and nastier you let me know the better. Look me in my eyes while you’re telling me, so I know its real.

Sure I could learn and read your body to let me know exactly what and when to do it. I’m pretty good at that. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear you whisper that nasty shit in my ear while you ride me until my waist and lower abs look like a glazed donut.

There’s nothing like a woman with a filthy mouth. I’m not cocky I’m confident, so when you say I’m the best it’s a compliment.

Now I normally don’t talk about sex but I felt compelled to write this. Why? One word: Beyoncé.


6 thoughts on “I’m the best you’ve had…

  1. MizzLoveLippz

    Your warning in the beginning is everything. “They’ll go unanswered.” Love it.

    Also, women love men who love filthy mouthed women. This was awesome. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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