America the… dystopia

I’ve been reading dystopia-themed novels lately. Think of The Hunger Games and Divergent series of books. I recently read the Legend by Marie Lu and started the next book in series, Prodigy. This series picks up post civil war; not that Civil War but a civil war far into the future in which the country actually remains divided. Instead of a battle between the North and South the country is split between East (The Colonies) and West (The Republic). Although the country is effectively split in two there is still fighting because Earth is losing land mass. Perpetual hurricanes and global warming have led to an ever disappearing coast line.

I don’t think that this version of the future is entirely unbelievable. Based on the way our country is going I’d venture to say that this future is probable. This country is a teenager compared other countries around the world and a toddler when compared to other great countries and empires throughout this world’s history. The Roman empire (if you count the East and West) lasted over 1000 years; from Before Christ all the way until the 1400s. The United States is only 238 years old. In this age of instant gratification and misplaced nationalism its easy to think that America will last forever and will always be the forerunner on the world stage.

Here is how I imagine another civil war could happen in this country.

Indiana is among 17 states that have filed petitions of succession from the United States of America since President Obama has entered office. The other states are: New Jersey, New York, Montana, Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Oregon and Michigan. Louisiana’s petition had over 15,000 signatures, which was the largest number behind Texas.

Succession is not an idea that is so far fetched. These states want to break away because we have a black president. Lets call it what it is.

The original civil war was fought over slavery and to a more important point it was fought over the bottom line of those slave-holding states (cotton wasn’t called King for nothing). Money is the leading cause of divorce for a reason. While slavery isn’t an issue for this country anymore what will always be a dividing force is the line between the haves and the have-nots. If poor white people and white women would stop voting against their interests there would be drastic changes in the power structure and how this country is governed.

People who have power rarely tend to want to share that power. Its addictive. Who wants to share their pie when they can have the whole thing? This is what will lead to a division that will cause the destruction of America as we know it. As the saying goes “One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich.”

Lets the polar ice caps melted fast enough to cause the sea level to rise 40 feet. This would put cities like Manhattan, New Orleans, Miami, and parts of Los Angeles under water. The coast line of our country as we know it would look completely different. The capital of the United States would have to move inland. Thousands if not millions of people would die. Millions more would lose their homes and would be displaced. There is only but so much our government can or will handle. You know those people/politicians who are all for small government will probably be singing a different tune.

The battle for land that is sustainable will begin. Those states who are the least affected (Midwest and some southern landlocked states) will begin to look at “refugees” as foreign immigrants clamoring to get a free pass of their hard labor (sound familiar?). The central government will try to intervene and as certain states band together to form their own unions the federal government will try to assert its own power. This will begin our nation’s second civil war. One that we will not recover from.

This future (or one parallel to it) is possible. Too many people don’t see global warming as an issue and some even see it as an agenda-driven science. Our government is showing us (me at least) that its not a government for the people. Its for the elite. Its for corporations. Its for the haves. If left unchecked these two factors will lead to the downfall in what many deem as the greatest nation ever.


2 thoughts on “America the… dystopia

  1. gemmieboo

    its scary to think about but i do think that the only way things can get better is if we start from scratch. no way we can really undo all the damage that has been done. the country will have to self destruct before it can actually move forward and do better (or conditions get worse – which is also a possibility). *sigh* i hope to never see it in my lifetime but man do i hope we can move past this huge class divide.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      The crazy thing is that talking like this would make us unpatriotic at best to some and guilty of treason to many. But they coddle the ideals of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin. Seems like they had similar ideas about Britain. I hope it does happen in my lifetime. I want to witness the revolution (maybe even be a part of it).


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